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  • hi, brian, did you know "black" charlie middleton, he was in the hostel with me and later he came to my depot speke jct, he died a while back, have you ever been through the single line tunnel south of reditch? nearly got smothered a few times with bournville drivers,john.
    Hi Barbarajohn,
    I knew Jimmy Tipping very well he finished up with Virgin Trains believe he was a "team leader" at Derby ,but don't know about his whereabouts today,think he lives in Burton-on-Trent.
    I also remember Ron Parkinson,believe he went to Skipton or thereabouts,I met him in York a few years ago he was on an electric course for the EMU's.
    Do you remember any other chaps from your time at the "hostel" ?
    I knew a lot of them, especially the "liverpool lads" from Bank Hall,and some from Cumbria.
    Nice to hear from you again.
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