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    Network Rail's vegetation problem

    Forgive me if this has been covered upthread. I would imagine that a landowner must take responsibility for the 'actions' of trees on its land. It would be prudent for a landowner to carry appropriate insurances. Foreseeability may be factor in determining liability, and its extent. If Network...
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    X Country Aberdeen to Penzance direct service

    I understand people to be of 'non'standard' dimensions (anthropometrics?) and that first class passengers are wider and have longer legs than 'standard' people. I sense economy and age may have roles too. My personal preference is for window seat by a window, not a pillar, on the right side of...
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    BR 1970 map query

    Great thread, improving with each contribution; putting in a bid for that job ;-_
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    MML Electrification updates

    IIRC, that's what Transport Focus found when surveying train travellers- most prefer a diversion than 'Rail replacement bus' (regardless of reason).
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    Treasury Blocking electrification plans

    Well, the RIA would say that, so it is dismissed out of hand: these words actually IN that report “Government partially accepts this recommendation. In making decisions about whether an enhancement should progress through the pipeline we will consider whether it provides the best outcomes for...
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    Treasury Blocking electrification plans

    I don't have enough info to hand regarding cost over-runs, but regarding time, I've seen over the years many a hording by a road project proudly saying 'Completed x months early'- which of course is more easily achieved if you add months to the declared 'completion due' date ;-). Under-promise...
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    Treasury Blocking electrification plans

    Replying to this one to get back to the gist of this. Controversially but though I don' like or agree with a lot of its decisions, I'm pleased we have a Treasury. Someone needs to assess ht value for this or that proposal, and as stated here, the rail industry has not delivered reliably- it has...
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    Delay train journey results in missed coach

    Even before present 'arrangements' I recall many minutes spent in smoke- or Deltic- fume-- filled Copenhagen and/or Gasworks tunnel, and a hugely long subterranean 'expediton' to get to this or that tube line platform; and all with cases ...
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    Delay train journey results in missed coach

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    Delay train journey results in missed coach

    Blue Penguin- I admire your tenacity; your friend is lucky to have you as a friend. Perhaps after 'sleeping on it', you and your friend will see that you had cut it too fine and should have aimed for an earlier train, esp as so much was 'at stake'. I hope your friend finds a safe way to spend...
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    Line speeds around Shrewsbury

    Indeed- one mention of Shrewsbury- p53- The Cambrian Main Line running from Aberystwyth through to Shrewsbury and then onward to Birmingham is important for connectivity for communities in Mid Wales accessing England. The Review supports further frequency and capacity improvements to improve...
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    Line speeds around Shrewsbury

    Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and Cheltenham not 'the Midlands' either; nor Gloucester: I'm only trying to show the 'selectivity' regarding what 'connectivity' to show where; and something of the 'parochial' outlook that can creep in. And the 'value'...
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    Line speeds around Shrewsbury

    Indeed- only eight vacuous pages, with eight pictures of trains or the Wrekin; 5 mentions of HS2; 5 uses of £; 22 of MP- an example of which: This scheme is another part of my work to level up Wolverhampton and the Black Country, and shows how we can build back better, fairer and greener.” Jane...
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    Platform numbering schemes at stations

    'Googling' on <platform numbering> took me to this: Lots of fine examples there too ...