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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Hi all. I'd love it if someone could tell me what was on yesterday's (29th September): 1E18 1400 Edinburgh- London King's Cross 1S21 1430 London King's Cross- Edinburgh 1E20 1500 Edinburgh- London King's Cross Many Thanks
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    Stations where spotters were not welcome

    I was also filming some trains on my phone as well so maybe that was it? I don't know if that would make a difference.
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    Stations where spotters were not welcome

    Last Saturday I had spent about two and half hours taking photos at Birmingham New Street before being told by a staff member I needed to get a pass from reception to do that. He was quite polite about it, but my main point of contention was that I'd been all over the station for two hours and...
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    Joke Announcement at Littlehampton during Slam Door stock farewell tour 2005

    When browsing YouTube this morning I came across this bizarre and funny announcement made at Littlehampton during "The Sussex Slammer" railtour in November 2005. I wish we had Eurostars up in the Valleys! Putting this on here on the off chance that someone has any memories of this railtour...
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    Stations where spotters were not welcome

    I once had a member of staff at Southampton Central approach me and ask what I was doing at the end of the platform taking photos, I explained I was an enthusiast and he seemed satisfied and went back to his work. Had something similar around five years ago at Wimbledon with my Dad (if I'm...
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    Very long on board announcements

    I would imagine Manchester to Milford Haven would be longer still. Other ones that immediately spring are services on the Heart of Wales line, as well as the 08:20 XC service from Aberdeen to Penzance (I believe it's still running, don't know if covid put a stop to it).
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    How Often Does a Driver Forget to Stop at a Station and What Are the Consequences?

    Here's a video of a northbound Voyager after having failed to stop at Tamworth. In this particular case it was allowed to reverse back into the station, it stopped within sight of the station so it didn't exactly have far to go.
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    Train Sim World 2

    Pity it's (probably) not gonna be a present day route. I would have loved to drive Class 150s and maybe the Castle Class HSTs. As it stands we'll probably have one new train and another version of the 101. Could be wrong though.
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    Train Sim World 2

    A code next to the route has pretty much confirmed it to be set between 1950- 1990, and will allegedly feature a diesel hydraulic of some kind.
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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    I wasn't particularly fond of loud screaming as a kid so I probably did the same. I think the first time I visited the ECML I wasn't fond of the howl (can't think of a better word) of a Class 91 either, but I got used to that pretty quickly. Nothing makes me cringe more than wheel flange on a...
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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    Ah I see what you mean. And yeah I think we are off topic now.
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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    The same could be said for HSTs running all the way from Edinburgh to King's Cross, up until recently anyway. Or indeed XC's own HST fleet. Also, remember the Voyagers came before bi mode trains were a thing. Would you say the concept of any high speed DMU is poor?
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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    My youth is clearly showing here, but I have a lot of nostalgia for Voyagers. When I was little, for whatever reason I thought they were the coolest trains around. I guess it was a combination of them being able to tilt, the engine sounds (I love the sound of a powerful DMU, it's the same with...
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    Bleakest / loneliest mainline station

    Somehow this has turned into a thread about how certain stations smell. Perhaps we need a new thread!
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    Trivia: Less important trains- better rolling stock

    I've done the full journey from Cardiff to Portsmouth several times now, as well as journeys to Southampton. It definitely does get quieter after Bristol. I remember when the castle sets were introduced I was disappointed that they weren't being used on the Portsmouth services, putting them on...