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    Taunton to London commuting

    If you haven't been there before, I'd strongly suggest visiting Burnham to make sure it's what you're looking for in a beach - the Bristol Channel has a massive tidal range and for large parts of the day the sea is barely visible. The water quality is permanently poor due to being the confluence...
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    Consecutive A roads

    In Dorset you can travel on the A354 from Portland to Littlemoor, take the A353 towards Warmwell, the A352 towards Wareham and then the A351 into Swanage. The A350 isn't far away over the water in Poole, but you can't get there directly without taking other roads in between.
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    Noisy Minorities (Rail User Groups/ Elected Representatives Who Punch Above Their Weight)

    Don't know if it still happens but the Alton Line Rail Users' insist that their line is a mainline and class 442s and 444s have worked regularly on it in the past, away from their usual haunts between Waterloo - Weymouth / Portsmouth. I have heard it suggested that there were rumours of closing...
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    Do you stand up more to people who are sexist and misogynistic on public transport in the wake of Sarah Everard's murder?

    Out of interest, how do you know they were football fans? Which team did they appear to support? What train was it and where were they going?
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    Trivia: single lines with multiple operators?

    There's also two further short single line sections on the Cornish mainline. One is over St Largin and Pinnock viaducts between Liskeard and Bodmin Parkway, which was singled in the 1960s and the track moved to the middle of the formation to reduce weight bearing on the viaducts. The other is...
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    Trivia: Stations in settlements named after the Station

    There are settlement named Seaton Junction and Chard Junction after the former stations, although both closed in the 1960s with their respective branch lines.
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    Trivia: Stations in Villages which serve nearby Towns

    There's a direct road from Wincanton to both Templecombe and Castle Cary - 5 miles v 7 miles, but Google Maps indicates both are only about 15 minutes' drive. The bus service to both is about 2 hourly but much faster to Templecombe - 15 minutes v 30 minutes. Templecombe's rail service to London...
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    Can 1st Class be made Standard by train staff when there is overcrowding?

    One thing I have noticed recently is that many people will currently choose to stand rather than sit next to a stranger due to the possibility of contracting some disease or other, given that many of the general public seem to believe you're far more likely to catch it from strangers than people...
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    Names that associate with jobs

    The Lord Chief Justice from 2008 to 2013 was Baron Igor Judge.
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    Daylight fare evasion

    Is it unfair that people appear to be able to get away with blatant fare evasion? Of course it is. Does that mean that rail staff should put their safety at risk / cause significant delays to the network in order to remedy the perceived unfairness? I'm going to say no. Does that mean that fare...
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    Trivia: Stations in Villages which serve nearby Towns

    Templecombe station is the nearest to Wincanton. Overton station is actually in the much smaller Quidhampton.
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    On what routes did the Big Four Rail Companies Compete?

    I don't think there was that much competition for passenger traffic by 1923. Passengers would usually take the fastest route and by then one route or the other would have pulled ahead. Routes where there was genuine competition for passenger traffic of some variety: GWR v SR London - Exeter...
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    Why do we often refer to the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks by the date they happened in shortened form?

    Worth pointing out that as the American format is MM/DD and the European format is DD/MM, most such short forms wouldn't be consistent on both sides of the Atlantic. 9/11 works because of the US emergency services number which just about anyone who's ever watched an American TV show will...
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    Trivia: Level crossings that are unlikely to ever be removed

    Thanks - makes sense. Sherborne is another one where the crossing is right next to the station and would be difficult to move. Castle Hill in Axminster would be difficult to alter - buildings on one side, road bridge over the river on another.
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    Heading into autumn - what next?

    The report about the October firebreak is in The Independent. It seems fairly unlikely they have access to sources about government policy which other newspapers don't. The recent trend has been for the government to leak proposals to The Telegraph (can't think why that might be) to see what the...