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    LNWR - Liverpool to Birmingham - Where have all the advance fares gone (edit: price doubled in two years)?

    I changes trains at Crewe recently. I didn't find it that unbearable. I wasn't waiting 20 minutes though. I use to do that length if wait regularly at Clapham Junction and took to making short metro journeys to and from near by stations to kill time. Possible in Lonson but perhaps not so in Crewe
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    Southeastern to be taken over by OLR

    Interesting that they choose not to take up the extension of contract option. Of course, if they knew something might not be right last year, would changing the operator to one of last resort be high on the cards given the pandemic was the focus.
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    Delay repay with two singles

    This is how I would view it. Are the advances cheaper than the return and is this saving across a year, larger than the delay repay loss by not using a return. If the answer is yes, then I don't care about the loss of additional delay repay. This of course only applies where you have a choice...
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    LNWR - Liverpool to Birmingham - Where have all the advance fares gone (edit: price doubled in two years)?

    But was there a need to do that if the same number of seats still exist? Unless it is because they need to increase the money they make for the Department for Transport. 1632759922 So you think they have made less or more money by you travelling down less but at a higher fare?
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    Travel via Brighton doubling back via Preston Park

    Is the latter that I remember and thus for et it only applies to mapped router, save easements.
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    Travel via Brighton doubling back via Preston Park

    Interesting. I didn't know this. Or if I was told this or read it, it didn't sink in.
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    How busy have your trains been?

    Perhaps they need to change the peak period and make mornings off-peak. Haha. I jest. On more serious matters. I got the 17:40 Guildford to Gatwick Airport today and whilst it wasn't packed it wasn't empty either. I sat in a single seat beside the loo. More space for my rucksack. At Gatwick...
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    Travel via Brighton doubling back via Preston Park

    Thanks for the helpful replies.
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    Travel via Brighton doubling back via Preston Park

    I have a train ticket valid via Brighton. I need to stop off at Brighton on route. Then I'm heading north towards Burgess Hill Given there is engineering works National Rail Enquries is routing people via Preston Park. Can I go that way? Under normal circumstances it wouldn't it be a double...
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    Trivia - train services whose start and end location CRS codes differ by one letter

    I like GOM to GOD which is Gomshall to Godalming.
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    New rail logo for temporary advertising campaign

    Nothing against it being green but don't like the way they have used different green colours in it. If they really wanted more than one shade of green, surely there must have been a better way to achieve it. Personally, I'd have just gone with the dark green used by Great Western Railway for...
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    SWR December 2022 Timetable Consultation

    It seems to be a policy of this government to not answer questions. What is so wrong with answering this one?
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    Which fares are regulated?

    So TOCs can still have ideas and make decisions so long as the DfT agrees to them, which is different to them only doing something if the DfT tells them to do it.
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    Which fares are regulated?

    So when South Western Railway introduced evening out and Sunday out fares recently, was it the DfT who worked it all out?
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    Which fares are regulated?

    So do annual increases in percentages for regulated fares have to mean the amount of money brought in is neural across the board. Or can they lower prices of cheap fares and raise prices of more popular ones so that percentage-wise of increase across ticket types it is the same but in terms of...