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    First West Yorkshire & York discussion

    I suppose they're always looking to measure the gap between their own tickets and the WYPTE county-wide offering, which for a weekly bus-only is £24.50 and a day ticket £5.50. Losing the district boundaries for First tickets will cost those who only travel in their district but might entice more...
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    Trivia: Common bus and coach related fallacies

    It would be economical for every bus fleet to have one set of full-size buses for the busy periods, then another set of minibuses which will come out as replacements for the quieter periods
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    Warrington's Own Buses operate 20 buses without MOT

    I'm not an expert on Warrington transoort, but I was shocked a couple of years ago when visiting family in Warrington to find the bus station utterly empty at Sunday teatime, perusal of the timetable boards indicated that there we no buses operating in the town on Sunday evenings! Looking at the...
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    Diesel Classes on the Island of Sodor.

    I've always seen the Sodor series as sexist - all the steam locos are male because they do the pushing and pulling and the hard work, the coaches are females because they just get pulled around and meekly go where they're told, having no engines. Daisy the railcar is of course a female with her...
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    What do you miss from the days of long distance steam travel?

    This is easy, I can only recall one steam-hauled journey on BR and that was in the autumn of 1967. During half term week at the end of October we did a shed "bash" around Manchester then came back to Leeds - which had just lost its steam allocation - on the FO Manchester-York which was still...
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Lostock Hall? (It's a suburb of Preston and the second part of the name is almost "all"). But it's not THAT new ...
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    Buses taking the wrong route

    There used to be a huge long Lincolnshire service from Grimsby all the way to Sheffield via Doncaster and Scunthorpe. One day I caught it from Doncaster to Scunthorpe and all went well until the driver turned on to the M18 motorway, necessitating an extension of over 20 miles to get back on...
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    Return To Leeds

    Just been back to Leeds for a few days and did a few local bus journeys, mostly with First. Generally the buses seemed to be of good quality and a definite improvement was the electronic display of the next stop which was very useful for anyone travelling to a major destination. A First Leeds...
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Dale is correct - in NATO phonetic alphabet, AYR is Alpha Yankee Romeo. Over to you again.
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    It's a double clue, the answer can be found twice
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Top American lover, found in a gay relationship
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Rogart? (rogue-art)
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Possibly Nine Elms (a new tube station)? On the flimsy grounds that 108 is divisible by 9.
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    Trivia: Common bus and coach related fallacies

    If you use an ENCTS pass for your journey NOBODY has to pay anybody anything for it
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Correct Dale, refers to Sir Bernard Ingham. Your turn again.