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    1992 stock Refurbishment?

    Actually is quite a big difference in driving an LCD screen compared with a dot matrix indicator. It's not just the backlight that's the issue.
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    1992 stock Refurbishment?

    No doubt it will be, need to keep all the graphic designers in work while the rest of the workforce are out on their backside with pay cuts and conditions loss.
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    EMR - Retention of IC DMUs

    How about... Make the 4 7 cars left and 4 of the 5 cars into a fleet of 6 cars dedicated to Liverpool to Nottingham. Then the balance would form a uniform fleet of 5 cars for use elsewhere including London's, or taking some of XCs services over. Yes it's not a good use of a 125mph Diesel...
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    EMR - Retention of IC DMUs

    I don't get why people think that swapping some seats out and using the already installed SDO for Liverpool to Nottingham is such a hardship.
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    EMR - Retention of IC DMUs

    Could the IC shortfall not be combined with the Liverpool to Nottingham requirement to take up the majority of the 222 fleet?
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    Future uses for class 220s/221s and 222s?

    222s are maintained in Derby. Not Central Rivers.
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    Recommendation for boots to wear while driving trains

    You need better safety boots...
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    Trivia: Newest fleet of trains to be wholly scrapped

    1983TS has only recently all actually been scrapped. It has had vehicles "Stored" at South Harrow for many years.
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    1972 tube stock replacement

    I refer the honourable gentleman to... Every UK Rolling Stock Project, EVER! No UK Rolling Stock project is ever on time, usually due either the client being slow, unresponsive, or changing their mind, or the manufacturer making 'changes' the designs without learning the lessons of previous...
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    Recommendation for boots to wear while driving trains

    I would advise going one beyond this and getting in writing the minimum requirements for safety footwear in your organisation. From my experience on the other side of operations, a lot will not know this, but if you have in writing, "Safety boots, errr, with toe caps, I dunno" or whatever the...
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    Siemens Inspiro London (2024 Stock)

    Except on 1972TS RVAR design, there isn't space for tip up seats and the standard wheelchair turning space in the Special Trailers. Even if it was in an A or D trailer, it would only be possible on one side of the partition, due to the Air Supply Module(s). And I know for a fact there is no...
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    Heat reflective paint

    The problem with using paint and VCC systems like this for OLE clearance, is that someone then needs to maintain it, that £40m will soon end up spent with the route maintenance thinking, "Oh, why didn't we just do this properly" 10 years later. Especially with how difficult it is to get hold of...
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    Siemens Inspiro London (2024 Stock)

    Nice to see that the recommendations of the various communities for accessible travel have been heeded with their advice to use low thermal conductivity grab rails to assist in passengers with reduced grip strength and central nervous system function be able to hold on more easily. "cold" grab...
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    Allowed age for hotels

    Kind of fun that you can start full time work at 16, but if that work requires you to travel, neither of the two leading business travel hotels in the country will allow you to stay.
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    Class 175 future speculation

    I wasn't meaning all Heaton diagrams. Just the routes in the North East. Nor loosing all other units from that depot. One allocating the 175s to Heaton would be on reasonable length routes for them to operate. With Hydrogen or Bi-Mode units covering other routes in the area not covered by the...