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  • Hi Quin,

    I was reading your post regarding DFFT. My Assessment Day is very soon and I am have no clue about DFFT. Would it be possible for u to make few example questions similar to actual test? so I can understand the pattern of the test and mentally prepare for it. eg: r there Traffic lights or Cables and Dials or else.

    I thank you in advance.
    Not really no. It is similar to what you would have been sent out. You have a key to prioritise order of checks and dependant upon what the key says will dictate whether you move to next check or write the code in the box
    Thanks for your time to message me

    Sorry to DM you, it's about your MTR assessment day. I've been invited to the assessment centre on 21 August and I probably won't be able to make it. I read you've been invited on 31 July and I'm off that day. Should you contact OPC, maybe you could propose we swap days?

    I've passed my assessment and MMI with another TOC so I'm actually hoping I don't need to resit them...

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