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    LNER Class 91/Mk4 service status/withdrawals/2021 refurbishment

    I agree, which is why I said 5 out of 7 sets in "the medium-term (once all the overhauls they were recently stood down for are complete)" - I can understand that availability could be poor while some of the fleet are due for overhaul and not particularly fit for service.
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    LNER Class 91/Mk4 service status/withdrawals/2021 refurbishment

    Agreed, I would think that in the medium-term (once all the overhauls they were recently stood down for are complete) it shouldn't be too big a stretch to go for 5 out of 7 sets running each day (would that be 71.4% availability?) Just a shame they have to be based in Leeds now which makes...
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    Ex LNER (and Grand Central) Mark 4 sets for TfW

    The poster itself looks nice and shiny, but it doesn't integrate at all well with the livery, adding to the mismatch between the white DVT and the red swirl on the end of the coach.
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    Progress of delivery of cascaded/refurbished/PRM modified stock to TFW/Wales and Borders

    197s are not even regional DMUs if you ask me, they are just plain commuter/suburban DMUs. If I recall correctly the latest Modern Railways said that one TfW is confirmed to be going to EMR (or was it WMR?) on a short sublease - Modern Railways also said that the rest of the TfW 170s were...
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    TfW Mk4 Diagrams?

    4+2+1 = 7 and Wikipedia claims that Grand Central had five sets. TfW had three sets already didn't they - so if they had taken on all 5 Grand Central sets they now have 8 sets, right? So would you diagram 7 in service (2 on Holyheads and 5 on Manchesters) with one spare set or would you keep two...
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    Ex LNER (and Grand Central) Mark 4 sets for TfW

    The TfW press release says 30 extra mark 4 vehicles (which seemed to include the DVTs) - assuming Wikipedia is correct that there were 5 Grand Central DVTs and 30 coaches this would be 5x 2+5 rakes for TfW with 5 Grand Central vehicles remaining homeless and the 3 original TfW mark 4 sets (on...
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    Good points; though if the Crewe and Blaneau workings are 153s then they aren't that much help on the south Wales metro compared to 150s. I suppose if the 197s fill in for unavailable 158s/175s then that is prefrable to 150s filling in for unavailable 158s/175s.
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    I think I agree - my point was that if the 769s (and 230s) were working as desired then the 143s would already be gone and mark 4s or 197s would make no difference to the removal of Pacers. However, the removal of 143s will leave TfW very dependant on the 769s which given the problems we have...
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    Do the mark 4s and 197s have anything to do with TfW's plans for releasing 143s/769s? I thought the plan was for 170s, 230s and 153s to come in and displace 150s from non-valleys routes so that virtually all TfW's 150s become concentrated on the ValleyLines which, together with the 769s if they...
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    WMR Class 196 Build and Implementation

    If you're going to do something as silly as open East West Rail without electrifying Oxford-Bletchley first then class 196s (if WMT can spare them or EMR can spare the Turbostars to let WMT keep them) seem as good a choice as any, and Bedford-Bletchley is already operated by the TOC who ordered...
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    Travelling with small children: What improvements could be made?

    Is it possible to increase platform heights to provide level boarding with UK stock where the doors are over the bogies? In some cases, over the bogies is the best place to put the doors for other reasons so if that prevents level boarding everywhere then we can't have level boarding everywhere.
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    Transport For Wales Livery

    This government has form on antagonising the Welsh and Scots, including taking back powers in the Internal Markets Bill and talking about building the 2nd M4 around Newport even though that is a devolved matter to the Welsh Government. I would hope that the double arrow remains part of the rail...
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    True (I don't think LM ever had 769s or plans to get any did they?), but your post (that I was responding to) said "London gets new trains, North-West gets the 319s" (bold added by me) so you were talking about 319s anyway there and not 769s.
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    Did the 319s that went to London Midland never run into London? Going back to 769s, and when the concept was being advertised in the late 2010s I thought it would be a very good move for Arriva Trains Wales and/or it's successor to order a large number of them. With Porterbrook advertising that...
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    TrawsCambria / TrawsCymru

    My point is that she knew this was inadequate and recommended further research - further research which the Welsh Government have (as far as I am aware) failed to carry out although in my opinion said research should also include rail passengers and motorists, not just bus passengers as her...