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    European Class 66's?

    Loco which is proposed to be renumbered to 66734 is about to start pre transport conversion in Germany (at an EMD site) It is planned to be moved to the UK in December
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    When might night tube reopen?

    Central and Victoria Lines from 27th Dec on Fridays and Saturdays initially
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    Fares workshops

    I would be interested for nottingham also
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    European Class 66's?

    66796 is at Longport undergoing conversion as is 66799 66734 is still operational in Germany and is likely to be re-renumbered when it does arrive into the UK.
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    European Class 66's?

    66798 has now been released into traffic
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    European Class 66's?

    734 is now likely NOT to be reused and a number of these recent conversions are going to be renumbered in order to separate the HTE (hight tractive effort) ones from the std ones
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    SWML Severe Disruption

    What stations ?????
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    European Class 66's?

    I understand it was due this weekend as it left Cuxhaven on Wednesday
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    European Class 66's?

    The next three conversions from Germany are about to start and will become 66734, 66796 and 66799 The 'donor' locos are set to be 561-01, (796) - Now in the UK the Ex Commerzbank Class 66 loco now owned by Beacon Rail ( 799) plus one Germany based loco (identity to be confirmed). (734)
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    What do you usually say when people ask where you live or where you’re from?

    i live within half a mile of Derbyshire, Notts and S Yorks (actually in Derbyshire with a Notts post town and an 'S' Post code)
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    European Class 66's?

    They will indeed
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    Yorkshire's railways - a map

    Super Effort ! What county is next ;)
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    European Class 66's?

    The donor locomotives are being confirmed at the moment