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    Old sayings that you heard in your childhood.

    Yes, I still get called that sometimes, very flattering. :D
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    Stations not officially closed but with no services stopping

    Are there some in the Stoke/Staffordshire/Midlands area that don't have passenger trains stopping, Wedgwood, Barlaston, Stone, Norton Bridge, Atherstone, Polesworth? Also Teesside Airport?, Reddish South & Denton?
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    Good catering facilities on preserved lines

    Good to know, I may be going there later in the summer hopefully.
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    Which Platforms at Worcester Foregate Street

    Great, thank you. :)
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    Old sayings that you heard in your childhood.

    Yes, that is a good one. As mentioned above, the term "Duck" seems to have originated in Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire. "Queen" I think is or was, used in the Liverpool area and "Pet" from the Newcastle area. "My Lover" is or was, used also in Devon & maybe Cornwall. I think these...
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    I think I read it in one of the Tabloids, so perhaps not the most reliable source of information. I have looked on SWR website and it is not mentioned there.
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    [Germany] May/June 2021 - 30 Years of ICE Service

    I do like the German ICE Trains, I find them quite spacious and comfy even in 2nd class.
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    West Somerset Railway launches a new appeal for £1m to help cover projected income shortage through the 2021 season.

    Did they run any trains last summer between lockdowns and are they opening this summer?
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    NYMR Whitby

    Infact, I seem to remember going very slowly too along the line from Whitby, just before it got to Grosmont. You can also hear the steam loco working hard when hauling a long train from Grosmont to Goathaland.
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    Which Platforms at Worcester Foregate Street

    Those are two handy facts to know too, I think there is a Wetherspoons close by too which also had post office connections. ? :)
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    Good morning, All being well I shall be travelling via Wimbledon Railway Station later this week, with more luggage than usual. I have heard that due to CV, the lifts there have been taken out of action? Does anyone know if that is true? if so, I shall take plan B. Thanks Steve.
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    4DD coach on the move from NIRT - where is it going?

    That is very interesting to hear, I often wondered if any of those units did get saved, perhaps now one day it will be possible to travel on one.
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    Which Platforms at Worcester Foregate Street

    Thank all very much for these brilliant replies and the link to Realtime Trains, that is all really helpful and interesting. ( I like too the comments on post #10, about the train that was allowed to continue it's journey with a broken door, just imagine that happening now - Not. :)
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    Which Platforms at Worcester Foregate Street

    Good afternoon, Hope this is in the correct area. All being, later this week, I shall travelling from Paddington to Worcester Foregate Street, (WOF), the train leaves PAD at about 11.50 and should get to WOF at 13.57. I am meeting my friend at WOF, he will be arriving from South Wales at...
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    Eurostar voucher query

    I was given vouchers last year regarding a cancelled return trip on the New Amsterdam service and asked afterwards for a cash refund which I received quite quickly. I suggest that you do apply to them.