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    Most Ludicrous Attempted Closure Ever

    I nominate the proposals in the "other" lesser known "Beeching Report" to shut all stations between Paddington and Hayes and Harlington except Ealing Broadway and abolishing the "uneconomic" inner suburban stations Specifically naming Acton Main Line, West Ealing, Hanwell and Southall and...
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    The Great I'm Bored in Lockdown Thread

    I've reached the stage of doing online E Courses that I don't have to do. Heaven knows what it is like for those stuck in a poky flat all day. At least I've got a garden and a model railway to fill leisure time, even the dog is getting bored though with the dark evenings.
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    Cost Comparisons: Why is one project seemingly much cheaper despite involving much more work?

    Can anyone explain to me why the following can be done for only £26 million: New Passing Loop at Brading with signalling. "New" loop platform at Brading with new step free exit to road. Lowering track/raising platforms at eight stations. New electrical substation gear at three stations...
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    Telegraph reporting 50-60% of services to be cut due to impact of covid

    Telegraph is reporting that government has ordered up to 60% of rail services to be cut.
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    What Sage Really think.

    I found these comments extraordinarily disturbing. Source:
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    Unverified proposals for Cl 222 Meridians on Waterloo-Exeter (and maybe beyond)

    I've heard reports elsewhere that the 222s will go to Waterloo - Exeter after the Midland Main Line is electrified. Also that the proposed South West franchise which will include Waterloo - Exeter won't include Paddington - Penzance intercities.
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    Hampden Park Incident (Tuesday 17 February)

    I've seen reports from a webgroup that there was an incident at the new Hampden Park CCTV crossing in Eastbourne yesterday Apparently a person in a wheelchair got trapped the wrong side of the barriers coming down and some lorry drivers lifted her over in the nick of time before the train...
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    How will driverless cars impact rural rail, bus and taxis? An interesting article (its the Daily Mail but nothing politically contentious), I'm not sure it will happen in the timescales they think, but give it twenty or...
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    38 stock on the Isle of Wight Underground

    How are they able to still run 1938 tube stock after the ban on old coaches such as Mk 1s without cup and cone came in? Alas still waiting for the Isle of Wight underground to be extended back to Ventnor through that long single bore tunnel.....
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    A Proper Busway

    This is how to do a busway properly. Its an unguided busway (which means that the emergency services can use it too) and it has proper stations with platforms, canopies, station signs and footbridges, along with GW/CG joint line style "through roads" for non stopping buses. Once the bus gets to...
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    Could Commuting as we know it soon end?

    The last 18 months or so have seen the roll out of fibre to the cabinet Broadband at 40-80mb and unlimited use packages of same. This makes it possible, with suitable software (which is now available from various sources) to work from home connecting in exactly the same way to all the office...
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    Drivers pay increases

    Mods' note: split from ECML Disruption - Saturday 27th December Also since privatisation drivers pay has risen disproportionately due to union picking off a weak TOC and obtaining a thumping pay rise then the others having to follow suit or lose drivers to other TOCs paying more (hence the...
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    2nd March 2015. New offence of driving under influence of Drugs

    At the moment you can only be prosecuted for driving after taking drugs if it can be demonstrated that they impaired your driving. From 2nd March 2015 the law changes. Driving with drugs in your body over a limit will be illegal whether you are impaired or not. The new law covers both drugs of...
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    A solution to the biggest problem Beeching caused?

    To my mind, the biggest flaw with the beeching closures, wasn't in many cases the closure itself but that the rail replacement was completely divorced from the railway. When you had a branch line, it meant: that trains connected with branch trains at the same station (not a bus station 1/4...
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    Commuters told to 'run, hide and tell' in leaflet: Is this Wise? Run in a crowded railway station? It seems to me whoever wrote this leaflet is perhaps not aware what happened at Bethnal Green in 1943 where 173 people were killed in a crush to get...
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    Reports of the death of Third Rail appear greatly exaggerated

    The Wessex Draft route study for consultation states: Looks like the reports of the death of Third Rail were greatly exaggerated
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    Very interesting DFT link. Basically, for England, the following subsidies are paid (including the Network Grant paid directly to Network Rail, subsidies paid directly to TOCs and premiums from TOCs: Former SR...
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    New Hampshire (USA) revolt against traffic wardens
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    Midland Mainline Capacity

    I hear a lot said about the midland main line being full. I dont think it is. Officially it is full south of Harpenden, however that is largely caused by fast Thameslinks having to cross slow Thameslinks on the fast lines, not the four (six peak) per hour intercities on the fast lines. As...
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    If World War 2 had never happened....

    What would have happened to the railways. My guess is that the following might have occured. * Rapid rise in car/lorry use in the 1940s that occurred in the 1960s * No nationalisation of whole industry. * Closure of an awful lot of branch lines, but not in a national programme, the...