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    ECML timetable enhancements following completion of Werrington project

    Moderator note: Split from Will there be any immediate passenger benefits or changes when this is completed?
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    Suggestions on how to boost MML capacity once the current improvements are completed

    Moderator note: Split from Will there be any spare capacity for new services once all the four-tracking, wires and platforms are done? Beyond the second Corby... seems like a pretty roomy railway, but appreciate the real issues...
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    Platforming & pathing into London Victoria (Eastern)

    I travel through here regularly, and often notice it's half empty. Quite often, only 2 platforms out of 8 will have any trains in them at all. In the peaks, there can be a full 10 minutes between any trains leaving. It seems to me to be massively underused. What do others think? No doubt...
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    Felixstowe - Nuneaton Project Implications

    With the Ipswich avoiding chord being approved last month, improvements seem more likely. So how many freight trains will be cleared from the GEML, NLL and WCML from this, and the other projects such as work at Ely, Peterborough and Nuneaton? What passengers improvements are planned in...
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    Eurostar services to Amsterdam and others

    We have a DB thread but E* are also ordering new trains and hoping to ru services to, I believe: Amsterdam, Lyon and Geneva. I'm guessing that as with DB, these might split (I guess at Lille). Do we know any more about their plans? Or are they using the new trains on Paris runs? And...
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    Announcements vs. Reality

    I'm a bit of a cynic, but I think we'll all agree that the Government like to announce projects and reconfirm them about a million times before spade touches earth. So I'd quite like to know: - When will the work start on redoubling the Swindon - Kemble line? - When will GW...
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    Chiltern Evergreen 4?

    Sorry - would have bumped this thread with a post but it's closed: Is there any news on the proposed Evergreen 4? As the Evergreens all occurred before DB Rail, do we even think they will continue? What do people think would be viable...
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    Busiest journey pairs / unique journeys

    Hi, I was reading the RUS-es where they mention the most popular flows within the study scopes and wondered, which are the most popular journey station pairs and flows in the entire UK? Some guesses from me: Chelmsford - Liverpool Street Romford - Liverpool Street East Croydon - Victoria...
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    Flexibility of changing - Exeter or Plymouth?

    I've bought two advanced tickets from Truro to London on Sun May 8th. They were significantly cheaper than the direct train - timetabled as: Leg 1 of 2 Truro d 14:19 Exeter St Davids a 16:55 2:36hrs Leg 2 of 2 Exeter St Davids d 17:19 London Paddington a 20:21 3:02hrs But...