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  1. Fawkes Cat

    Hypothetical: seeking an out of court settlement

    This taken from a separate thread, but anonymised to respect that thread's OP's privacy. Can we discuss the best formula that we should be suggesting to posters who wish to obtain an out of court settlement? My personal feeling is that while the railway staff reading a request for a settlement...
  2. Fawkes Cat

    Is a rail replacement bus (RRB) a train? (for legal purposes)

    I'm taking up the suggestion I made myself on Although I appreciate there has been some further comment on that thread about this point, I don't really feel we've bottomed whether - as far as the law is concerned - you need...
  3. Fawkes Cat

    '£2million is pledged to (...) make way for future Skelmersdale Train Station'

    From the website of the Champion, a local free weekly newspaper ( (mods - please feel free to move or merge with another thread. I couldn't find anything open that this would naturally link to, but maybe I didn't look hard enough)
  4. Fawkes Cat

    Smartcard season tickets - multiple TOCs

    As I have mentioned on another thread, my season ticket is due for renewal. Travelling from Merseyside to Manchester, my journey involves Merseyrail and at least one of Northern, TPE or EMR (it varies from day to day and by route). I suppose it could also involve TfW. Various of the train...
  5. Fawkes Cat

    Nice - Ventimiglia day trip: TER ticket validity

    I hope this is in the right place - mods please move if necessary. We’re thinking of taking a day trip from Nice to Ventimiglia. Could someone advise if tickets on the TER (I.e. French local) trains are valid on any train or whether they are restricted to a specific one. Thanks!
  6. Fawkes Cat

    [Discussion] The railway's fault

    On another thread ( someone asked about compensation from the TOC for having their luggage pinched. I responded While I am not certain that everyone went along with my reasoning, I think we all agree...
  7. Fawkes Cat

    [Hypothetical] TOC and TfL approach to offenders with non-UK addresses

    This point emerges from the discussion in Essentially, a visitor to the UK had fallen foul of the rules for Oyster, and when challenged had given their hotel address: they wanted to know what would happen next. The general...
  8. Fawkes Cat

    Best solution: travel Bootle - Manchester, 3 times a week

    From the start of January, my job is moving: - I will be working three days a week in Bridge Street, Manchester (the other two days will be working from home). *Edited to add*. Nearest station is Salford Central, but Manchester Victoria/Oxford Road/Deansgate are all easily walkable. - home is...
  9. Fawkes Cat

    Mk 3s with power doors - do they retain drop windows?

    Basically, as in the title. The following thread brought it to my mind, but I don't want to send that one off on a tangent:
  10. Fawkes Cat

    Change of franchisee - what changes?

    Over in the Disputes and Prosecutions thread, someone wants advice about what to do after TfW took their details for short faring: A lot of the advice comes with a rider that goes something like 'TfW have only...
  11. Fawkes Cat

    Oldest railway terminus still in use

    I don't think this has been answered here (a quick search didn't bring anything up), but what is the oldest railway terminus that is still in use? I am thinking of where you would have to be so that if you were pretending to be Michael Portillo you could look at your (pretend) camera and say...
  12. Fawkes Cat

    Byelaw 18 - good advice?

    Can we, away from a thread where a particular traveller wants advice on their particular difficulty, consider what is good advice for us to give on byelaw 18? @ForTheLoveOf thinks that the byelaw is unenforceable, and advises posters that it may be a good idea to challenge it. IANAL, but I...
  13. Fawkes Cat

    Fines v Settlements

    Starting a new thread so that discussion doesn't get mixed up with the advice at I think we're agreed that in practice an out of court settlement will be the better option at least most of the time - if nothing else...
  14. Fawkes Cat

    Passenger etiquette?

    On Saturday, I was travelling on an XC train from Reading to Birmingham. It was busy at Reading and had standing passengers from Oxford. At Reading, I found a table seat, unoccupied but marked 'reserved Bournemouth to Birmingham New Street'. I checked with the guy in the next seat and it was...
  15. Fawkes Cat

    Hypothetical: recognising fare dodgers

    I'm not sure I've put this thread in the right place: if not, it would be great if an admin would move it. In the Disputes & Prosecutions thread, the OP told us he had mistakenly booked and travelled on a railcard ticket...
  16. Fawkes Cat

    Revised NRCoT from 11/3/18

    As far as I can see, there isn't a thread for the revised NRCoT, which I stumbled on late on Saturday night. As of when I am writing this, they are linked from I don't know the previous rules well enough to identify all changes, but there is...
  17. Fawkes Cat

    Hypothetical: What will happen to my job?

    Quite frequently, we get new correspondents here who have been caught without a ticket / short faring / generally getting far enough on the wrong side of the railway such as to be threatened with prosecution. And quite a lot of the time, they want to know what the consequences will be for their...