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    Part of WCML to be closed Acton Grange Junction engineering work

    Between the 20th of July and 4th of August Inc, the WCML in Warrington will be shut for renewals: Some interesting amendments to timetables and diversions of services will occur: All Glasgow to London and vice...
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    Class 221 working 1M16 Glasgow-London today?

    Is this the first time a class 221 super voyager has worked a Glasgow to London train via the Trent valley instead of the usual class 390? It is running today as a 10 carriage double unit. It is working the 1M16 1520 Glasgow Central to London Euston...
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    8 coach TPE Class 350s

    An 8 car class 350 double worked 1M98 1310 Glasgow central to Manchester Airport today, I thought only the Edinburgh services were 8 car, does anyone know why this happened?
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    At how much tph is a station considered "busy" for traffic.

    My local station which is Newton in Greater Glasgow, south Lanarkshire, sees up to 24-26tph passing the station in the off-peak, and up to 30tph in the peaks, the majority of these trains pass right at the back of the station on the west coast main line, and also during diverts you can see...
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    Class 318s returning to Doncaster?

    Whilst I was waiting for a train at Cambuslang this morning, a class 318 (318258) passed through working this service: Does anyone know why already refurbished 318s are heading down south again?
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    16 car Caledonian Sleeper

    Does anyone know why last night's sleeper service to Glasgow and Edinburgh went as full 16 cars up to Glasgow Central today, it was delayed by 80 minutes but I'm not sure if that is why.
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    Busiest Railway Station with 2 tracks in terms of train traffic.

    Can you think of any stations with 2 platforms/tracks that have more tph than Partick-(28tph off-peak). Or is this the current busiest? And the trains have to stop, they can't pass through.