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    Best and Worst First Class

    I think the 390 First Class is the best but I like the MK4 First too. The worst or most disappointing would be that of the TSGN or Southeastern Electrostars to me, or on the Class 745

    Northern withdraws some CAF trains due to yaw bracket failures

    It's a shame they cannot use the many ex EMR and WMT 153s lying about off-lease. A train with no disabled toilet is better than no train at all, and they would be coupled to 150/156/158s no?

    Class 321 Withdrawal updates

    Might as well forget the hunt for it then. There’s no need to use stored units at the moment as the 720 rollout is progressing so well - eight or nine pairs out when I was in London last Monday. Oh well, it was close :)

    Most used livery

    Make it 8, because Avanti West Coast still use it on the Voyagers, although they’re applying blue vinyls now

    Most used livery

    People will no doubt say Dynamic Lines but I should just clarify the versions seen on Hull Trains, First Great Western and First Capital Connect were all different

    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    as a heads up, iris2 Tiger is now redundant and will soon be removed from the internet - you can continue to check carriage numbers for 720s on Tiger Worldline Global :)

    RailAdventure Power Cars

    I do think that’s only an embarrassing situation if you make it one. It’d be nice to think most major companies weren’t that petty.

    Trivia: Less important trains- better rolling stock

    Before COVID, fasts on the Portsmouth Direct Line were booked entirely 450 on Saturdays, while the majority of Portsmouth via Basingstoke services were 444.

    Transfer of LNER HST 125s to East Midlands Railway (EMR)

    It should have been a white stripe and then red, separating the white and purple neatly. As it is, it’s just white which is wrong because the Mark 3 carriage starts with red. It sounds pernickerty when I say it but it looks odd.
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    Transfer of LNER HST 125s to East Midlands Railway (EMR)

    I think it’s a shame to go to all that effort only for it to clash horrendously with the Virgin red :lol:
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    TRIVIA: The shortest journey where you've bought and consumed refreshments on-board

    Oh dear, I was offered a picnic tray on a Pendolino in first leaving Edinburgh - not sure she realised I was alighting at Haymarket. I’m ashamed to say I accepted it with delight, didn’t have to pick up lunch then! :oops::lol:
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    Trivia: Less important trains- better rolling stock

    Completely subjective and I know for a fact I would not be the only one to disagree enormously
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    No doubt all set to be painted into some ghastly pre-privatisation livery like many of them are
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    Northern withdraws some CAF trains due to yaw bracket failures

    Does anyone know exactly which CAF units have been temporarily withdrawn, please?
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    Favourite Electrostar

    I love the Compin seated Electrostars (375 and 377/1-5) although the 377/5s need a clean and I don’t like the new 387 style PIS being fitted to the 377s in the Southern refurbishment. 379s are quite nice, better than a 387. 357s are a bit too pink. 376s aren’t great but I’d take one over a...
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    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    Surely that's for the photographer to do? Some people do love to have their two-pennyworth... :rolleyes: anyway, for those who did not see it, the HST power car was not yet completed and it looked like the logo had not yet been applied, so a bit longer to go before it's ready. It will clash a...
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    Best seats on 9 car Azuma coach G for unrestricted view

    and indeed there is a great deal of space between your seat and the one in front, meaning there will likely be some window view wherever you sit, particularly as the seats at coach ends with no view are now luggage storage.
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    SWR Class 458 to be retained by SWR.

    I’ve noticed that as well
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    Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, aged 99, has died

    Very sad indeed. May he rest peacefully.