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  1. Xenophon PCDGS

    A question concerning those aged 16 and 17 years old

    When I was having a hospital appointment this morning, I heard a discussion between two fellow patients that said if 16 and 17 year old people are granted the power to vote in the future, would it follow that in court cases, people in those age groups who can currently not be named in reporting...
  2. Xenophon PCDGS

    Adverts with unusual things to note

    I think there still is a gambling advert that shows people with one large hand, suspiciously like an afflication with elephantiasis.
  3. Xenophon PCDGS

    Dukinfield Dog Lane station

    In the Guide Bridge area, there once was a station called Dukinfield Dog Lane. What became of that station site?
  4. Xenophon PCDGS

    A livery query

    Has anyone on the Buses Forum any recollections of either local authority or private sector running buses with an Emerald Green and Silver (that could just be a lining colour) livery?
  5. Xenophon PCDGS

    Cornbrook station (MSJ&AR)

    This station served the Pomona Gardens area from 1856 to 1865. Can someone please let me know the location of that station in comparison to the current site position of the Metrolink Cornbrook station on the parallel running line.
  6. Xenophon PCDGS

    Norton 360 Deluxe notifications.

    Yesterday, I received a pop-up screen when I logged on to my HP Pavilion desktop computer on a Norton screen to say their last "Live Update" had caused a problem They recommended to uninstall, then reinstall the product. Has anyone else received this notification?
  7. Xenophon PCDGS

    Credit score discussion.

    Just seen an Experian advert. It seems to show a man in what appears to be a dentist's surgery who naively takes out his smart phone and announces to all present..."Have you seen my credit score". Are people supposed to keep such information private and confidential. Someone told me recently...
  8. Xenophon PCDGS

    Heolgerrig Halt

    Has anyone any information regarding the services that used this halt in the Merthyr Tydfil area?
  9. Xenophon PCDGS

    intu Trafford Centre tram stop

    Has anyone any official information with regards to any possible TfGM renaming of this tram stop and the tram destination boards, noting the commercial matters now affecting the intu group
  10. Xenophon PCDGS

    Dallas Dhu Halt...was there ever such a passenger station?

    I came across reference to this halt when reading a history of closed distilleries in Scotland. It said it was situated on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway on the line that passed the distillery and there was a rail link into the distillery area. Can anyone assist in naming the stations...
  11. Xenophon PCDGS

    Twywell station

    Has anyone any knowledge of the type of passenger services that called at this station and the name of the line it was on.
  12. Xenophon PCDGS

    Pupdates...what are these?

    Seen advertised in a TV advertisement.
  13. Xenophon PCDGS

    Would it be feasible to commute from Newport (Isle of Wight) to London Waterloo?

    Moderator note: Split from That seems to be a very long commute. How much does an annual season ticket including the ferry leg cost.
  14. Xenophon PCDGS

    Brexit matters

    I cannot find an open Brexit thread on the website so have opened this one for all and sundry to use. The House of Lords after deliberating upon the key clauses in the Internal Market Bill that has Government-approved International Law contraventions have voted by the very large margin of 433...
  15. Xenophon PCDGS

    Halloween children visits in costume this year

    Usually, younger children, dressed-up with face makeup and costumes, call at that time period, but will the Covid-19 restrictions affect this annual event this year?
  16. Xenophon PCDGS

    Query on LNWR goods services between Patricroft and Molyneux Brow

    This was the line that passed through Clifton Hall tunnel (aka Black Harry tunnel) and under Clifton Junction station. What type of goods traffic used that line, where did the services start from and also was it ever used for any type of passenger services?
  17. Xenophon PCDGS

    Woodkirk station

    Has anyone any information regarding the GNR services that called at this station. I think some would have also served Tingley station.
  18. Xenophon PCDGS

    Query on Victorian era rail services from Stalybridge to Stockport, via Ashton-under-Lyne.

    Has anyone any knowledge of Victorian era rail services that would have taken such a route?
  19. Xenophon PCDGS

    Kirkby-in-Ashfield East railway station

    Whilst finally unpacking the last of the small boxes brought when we relocated earlier this year, I came across an old photograph of this station which on the reverse had a pencil note saying Midland Railway. What line was this on?
  20. Xenophon PCDGS

    Microsoft Edge problems with RC4 cipher

    I find that this is mentioned as a problem in trying to use the BT Wholesale Speed Tester. Has anyone else on the website come across this problem?