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  1. AlbertBeale

    Possible services for baltica high-speed line

    Yes - when I travelled Tallinn-Riga-Vilnius-Warsaw on a through sleeper in the early 1990s, I checked re transit visas for the bit through the corner of Belarus beforehand. I checked with Belarus representatives in London, a diplomat in Helsinki - where I was at a conference before going to...
  2. AlbertBeale

    Possible services for baltica high-speed line

    The privatisation (and hence fragmentation) of public services - including railways - is written into EU law, and was part of the EU's DNA even before it was all legally mandated. That, in itself, makes it harder for railways to be supported as "a public good". Yes, the...
  3. AlbertBeale

    Possible services for baltica high-speed line

    Yes - the EU subsidised the motorway after the three Baltic states joined the EU, and simultaneously encouraged the closure of the existing north-south rail line which linked the 3 countries. EU policy tended to be that roads / private transport is subsidisable, but public / rail transport...
  4. AlbertBeale

    Modern Railways: LNER and compulsory reservations

    I don't think that's the case. In recent years I've travelled up an down the Liguria coast a number of times. There are local trains which mostly stop everywhere, and a few long-distance IC trains which stop at a few places. The ticket machines on the stations will sell tickets for immediate use...
  5. AlbertBeale

    London Transport Route 124A

    When I was a toddler, living in Putney (c 1950), I was always pestering to be taken across the common to Lower Richmond Road to watch the bus which did a U-turn round a tree in a side-road. It must have been the 22 (assuming the number hasn't changed) - it still does that today I think.
  6. AlbertBeale

    Met Line fasts stopping at Wembley Park

    Do no Mets run through Platform 1 at HOTH these days?
  7. AlbertBeale

    Trivia: Current services where the train reverses ends, mid-journey.

    I'm aware that only Platform 3 gives access to both west and east (albeit only 4 coaches to the west). But does, eg, Platform 2 at least allow access to the north (even though not the east) via some of the stabling tacks to the west of the main lines to the north? Otherwise, the Worthing portion...
  8. AlbertBeale

    Trivia: Current services where the train reverses ends, mid-journey.

    [Re post 79 in fact.] When there were West Coastway - East Coastway through services via Brighton, they were only via Platform 3; I don't remember there ever being a time when the layout would allow any other platform to reach both west and east lines out of Brighton. Though restricted to 4-car...
  9. AlbertBeale

    Carriages: Compartment, Corridor, Open

    Why the ageist references to private compartments being "useful" for youthful people only?
  10. AlbertBeale

    TGV France-Italie units being repainted.

    I've stayed at both the Dock Milano, and one almost next door from it in the other direction, round the corner in Piazza Diciotto Dicembre (I forget the name). Both fine for the odd night as a staging post between the rest of Italy and the Turin-Paris-London connection. Though I did the journeys...
  11. AlbertBeale

    TGV France-Italie units being repainted.

    Not such convenient times for connections from London, compared to the one nearer the middle of the day from Paris I've used previously. London-Paris-Milan to arrive by the end of the afternoon in Milan; in time for a meal and a sleeper on to the south.
  12. AlbertBeale

    Carriages: Compartment, Corridor, Open

    Ahem - and older people too! (It's great that there are plenty of compartments still on the continent.)
  13. AlbertBeale

    Kings Cross to Maplin/Stansted 1970s airport link proposals

    Threats to Bloomsbury in the 1960s weren't only road-related. After the British Library became a separate institution from the British Museum, but was still [to the extent there was room!] based at the BM, the original idea of how to give the BL its own space and bring most of its collections...
  14. AlbertBeale

    Creation of new standard (4'8½") gauge railways in countries with a different existing standard gauge

    Re "These [Baltic states broad gauge lines] are predominantly east-west" - well, maybe now. But during USSR times, and for a while afterwards, there was a N-S route linking the 3 Baltic capitals. Indeed I once got a through train from Tallinn, via Riga and Vilnius, that took me all the way to...
  15. AlbertBeale

    Old Alphaline Routes

    I'm sure I remember a period of several years (1980s or 1990s) when there were Alphaline branded trains between Bristol and Waterloo - they were of course slower, but also much cheaper, than going via Paddington. As I remember it, the through Waterloo-Bristol route was quite a novelty then (even...
  16. AlbertBeale

    Kings Cross to Maplin/Stansted 1970s airport link proposals

    Well - not so "accepted", which is why the various motorway rings and boxes were opposed and (in many cases) not built.
  17. AlbertBeale

    Kings Cross to Maplin/Stansted 1970s airport link proposals

    Blimey - a link from the GOBLIN onto the KX route at Harringay would surely have meant a lot of demolition!
  18. AlbertBeale

    Kings Cross ‘uncrossed’ Layout/Remodelling - Information and Updates

    What route was thought up for getting from KX out to Southend? There's no obvious connection I can think of, and surely they wouldn't have been thinking of tunnelling under half of London from the KX area back in those days??
  19. AlbertBeale

    The track connection between Bakerloo and Jubilee Line at Baker Street

    Besides stock movements, the Picc-Northern link is used by engineering trains at night. Years back when I was quite often at Kings Cross underground station near "last train" times, I sometimes saw engineering trains on the eastbound Picc platform, in between the last trains. Including...
  20. AlbertBeale

    Favourite non-UK station

    Years back, I might have said Milano Centrale - the cathedral-like building is one of the most imposing of its sort anywhere. But more recently, the increase in barrier lines you have to go through in the platform area, and the increase in commercial outlets around the platform ends, can make...