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  1. LOL The Irony

    Northern Unit Refurbishments

    Well Arriva did decide to move their maintenance from the famed Longsight to Allerton and people on this forum predicted their reliability would drop. Looks like they were proven correct.
  2. LOL The Irony

    MS Estonia

    A new survey of the wreck will begin in July.
  3. LOL The Irony

    Seeing forum members unexpectedly

    Myself and @323235 saw each other at Macclesfield Hospital whilst I was on the bus.
  4. LOL The Irony

    Northern withdraws some CAF trains due to yaw bracket failures

    They're a different family of train and I sort of suspect that a version of the CxK would've been a better bet. Unfortunately, the CxK was replaced by the Civity.
  5. LOL The Irony

    Best Sport?

    Motorsport, closely followed by Rugby Union (proper Rugby) and T20. I should really get back into watching swimming again, although that's more a once every 4 years thing.
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    Bob Marley - Jammin (Kungs Remix)
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    Metrolink M5000 Fleet Status

    Speaking of that, it's about time that the older trams start getting an external refresh. The yellow is faded, some of the vinyls have come off on most trams (the Media City trams are the worst offenders on this front) and they're just showing that they're 11 years old by this point. Maybe a...
  8. LOL The Irony

    Your favourite-sounding loco(s)/multiple units(s)?

    Locos: Anything with a big engine and definitely not 37s. Going continental, the Siemens Taurus. Units: 185s and 323s.
  9. LOL The Irony

    Should the NHS refuse treatment for people that haven’t had the vaccination?

    I was on a forum meet with Yorkie recently and he said that this country has a culture of being seen to be doing something, which is something I agree is true. If they didn't do something (which they initially tried), they would then get roasted by the press (which they did).
  10. LOL The Irony

    Transdev Blazefield

    I don't see how bringing back an old name affects how it's revolutionary.
  11. LOL The Irony

    Is Boris Johnson a great election winner or just lucky?

    To a degree, everyone becomes PM due to luck. It's quite the small chance that out of how many tens or hundreds of thousands of party members that you wind up A. having a seat and B. leading the party.
  12. LOL The Irony

    Formula 1

    If you watch Checo and Lewis going past Max's accident, there's a bit of debris in front of Lewis's car and it isn't there once he passes over it.
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    Rail Forums Reading Recommendations

    Episode 89 is out if you've been reading this and gotten up to that point.
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    Formula 1

    Pirelli are saying it was cuts the the tyres that caused the failures.
  15. LOL The Irony

    Formula 1

    This is actually dumb. If say Perez started on pole and Verstappen started 5th but Perez lost ERS-K during the first lap and finished 3rd, whilst Verstappen finished 2nd, would you say Perez had a bad race and Max had a better showing?
  16. LOL The Irony

    Formula 1

    CHECOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sergio almost had it taken away from him though. Good drives from Seb and Gasly, the former has turned things around. Pirelli though... The last 4 high speed tyre failures have included Max and Lance, something needs to be looked at. Here's a list of high speed...
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    Siren best boy - All hail the Shark Prince!

    Siren best boy - All hail the Shark Prince!
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    Casiopea - Domino Line
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    US Pentagon to deliver a report on UFOs.

    Ok Lieutenant, let them have it?