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    Good morning, All being well I shall be travelling via Wimbledon Railway Station later this week, with more luggage than usual. I have heard that due to CV, the lifts there have been taken out of action? Does anyone know if that is true? if so, I shall take plan B. Thanks Steve.
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    Which Platforms at Worcester Foregate Street

    Good afternoon, Hope this is in the correct area. All being, later this week, I shall travelling from Paddington to Worcester Foregate Street, (WOF), the train leaves PAD at about 11.50 and should get to WOF at 13.57. I am meeting my friend at WOF, he will be arriving from South Wales at...
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    Orient Express Film & Norway Query TV Films

    Good morning, 1. I was watching a 1985 film "Romance on the Orient Express" not for the content of the film, but for the rail scenes, which were very good. It was following the journey of the VSOE from Venice to Paris, (with onward travel on the train for London, I presume then via Calais...
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    First Class on GWR, LNER & Greater Anglia

    Good Morning, All being well, I should be travelling in a couple of weeks on GWR from Paddington to Worcester & back, in First Class, I got a really good fare with a railcard, then hopefully in July & August I should be making some journeys from London going North & East on various LNER &...
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    BRADFORD FSq. To Ribblehead & return Via Saltaire

    Good afternoon, all being well, I will being staying in Bradford in Mid July and would like to do the following journey, using my Senior Rail card, I wish to break the journey in the morning for an hour or so at Saltaire. Would the following trains be ok using a day return fare of £10.80. Brad...
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    Buses to Ribblehead Station Inn?

    Good morning, all being well, I am hoping to go on a UK Holiday to Yorkshire and the surrounding area in July. I was hoping to make a visit on Thursday 15 July to the great pub by the Ribblehead viaduct for lunch as I should be staying in Leeds or Bradford, but the trains on the SCR are less...
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    Grand Central trains enquiry

    Good evening, does anyone know if Grand Central have reduced their service from KGX to Bradford, I may be going there for a holiday in July, I see there is a train around 1057 and another around 1600 ish, but I think there was one between these two around 1400 ihs, that does not seem to be on...
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    Shepperton to Finsbury Park fare query

    Good morning, All being well, I hope to travel from Shepperton to Finsbury Park and return the same day on 26 May, I have a senior railcard. Ideally I want to avoid the Underground and was thinking of travelling from Shepperton to Waterloo on SWR, then go across to London Bridge on SER and go...
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    Oddest seat reservations you have been issued with

    I just fancied a day out and saw that the Southern Services tomMany destinations including Eastbourne are being diverted to / from London Bridge, which is ok for me, I can go from home to Waterloo on SWR, go from Waterloo East all the way to London Bridge on Southeastern, then get the Southern...
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    Steam Train on the LSWR 07 May

    Good evening, a friend who works near the Southwestern Main Line in the Weybridge/Byfleet area told me that this morning, Friday 07 May, that a steam train went past their office, does any one know what that may have been, loco, TOC? Thanks, Steve,
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    Lincoln to London direct services

    Good morning, I may be going to Lincolnshire in August, does anyone know if the direct trains by either East Midlands Trains or LNER, will be running by then.? (I Presume the LNER Services are the trains that used to run between LGX & Newark North Gate) Therefore are they likely to be shorter...
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    LNER Perks

    Hi, I just an email from LNER about a "Perks" System, has anyone joined ? I presume it is a bit like the old frequent traveller scheme which then was taken over by nectar, then suspended I think?
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    Charter Train at Inverness on Easter Sunday 2021

    Hi. I was on the phone to a friend who lives near Inverness, he told me that he was on the Railway Station there on Easter Sunday morning and a Charter Train was shown on the indicator board due to depart at 11.00AM. We were both wondering what that was all about. Are there any charter trains...
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    Welland, Harringworth & Bennerley Viaduct (s)

    Good morning, after watching a recent TV programme about the Welland Viaduct, I was wondering if it is also known as the Harringworth viaduct? are they one and the same structure, or are they 2 different viaducts? I don't think the line these are on is very busy these days? The same programme...
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    Pubs or restaurants with gardens in Reading / Swindon

    Good morning, I am wondering if anyone knows of any good pubs or restaurants with decent gardens in the Reading / Caversham or Swindon areas,? I am hoping to meet up with a friend whom I have not seen for ages, but if all is ok, it may be possible to do so, outside from 12 April. They live...
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    Loco Hauled Services in 2021 (Hopefully)

    Hi, Does anyone know if the Loco Hauled service that ran on part of the Settle - Carlisle line may be running this year? (I think that train was featured on one of the recent TV programmes with Joanna Lumley.) Do the loco hauled trains still run on the Cumbrian Coast line too, or have they...
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    Steam Railway in Banking Advert and Summer Wine

    1. I saw a re run of Last of the Summer Wine a week or so ago. It was the one where Clegg, Foggy & Compo visited the so called reopening of a local branch line, it was the KWVR, (Quite away from Holmfirth where most of the series was filmed, so not really local) My Question is, does anyone know...
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    Rail Trips Channel 5

    I Watched a TV programme last week on C5, that featured the Northern Belle going on a steam trip from Preston, along the LNWR to Carlisle, then back via the SCR, hauled by Princess Elizabeth. I was just wondering if anyone knows when it was filmed, I thought that it was an old repeat, but some...
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    Possible Odd Incoming EMail.

    Has anyone had an email come into their in box recently, supposedly from ADMIN SERVICE, saying that there is a problem sending or receiving 18 emails and your devices are not synchronised? I have had this 3 times this week in one of my BT Accounts. I think it may be questionable, as all seems...
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    Merlin Sweater Kingsman Films

    I have recently watched both of the Kingsman Films which I think were made in 2014 & 2017, I just wondered if it was possible to buy, at a sensible price, a Sweater like the one that is worn by the character "Merlin" in the films. It is a Charcoal Grey Wool Vee Neck with brown suede shoulder...