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    Rubber Signals

    Am I correct in the belief that some ground sigals had rubber discs due to tight clearances and overhangs? Ely Springs to mind for some reason.
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    Sollinger Hutte Ballast Regulator Info required Quick appeal, does anyone know of a company that can handle overhaul of Knorr Bremse brake equipment? We have already tried Knorr Bremse UK, Plasser, RBS and Sabre Rail. To avoid confusion, this question is for the Ballast Regulator that has...
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    Footbridges - Double Standards?

    Are Engineers / Designers working to a multitude or at least Double Standards in the construction of new Footbridges? On bridges over roads and open to Pedestrian and Cycle traffic we have this style as recently installed in Hull. While for...
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    Would this appeal to you?
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    Sand Drags

    How many Sand Drags still exist around the country? On the Heritage side there is one at Goathland NYMR and there used to be some on the approaches to Goole Swing Bridge. Are they still there? Are there any more?
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    Esk Valley works.

    I am led to believe that there is some track renewal work on the Esk Valley line in the next few weeks. Sept 18th - 28th. I think the work site is Danby to Lealholm. Can anyone supply any detail of the Engineering train consists please? Not the RTT timings.
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    Scunthorpe landslip

    From hearing traffic news through the week I believe there is a landslip between Althorpe and Scunthorpe Anyone got any details on where the slip is and how bad? Is it on the embankment or in the cutting leading up to the station? I have seen the note on Nat Rail enquiries.
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    Gateshead's Dunston Staiths damaged in arson attack

    Gateshead's Dunston Staiths damaged in arson attack FRom the BBC Newcastle webpage. An investigation has been launched after a Grade II-listed structure in Gateshead was set on fire. Emergency crews were called to Dunston Staiths at 02:30 BST on Saturday after it was "deliberately" set alight...
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    Autoballaster on Esk Valley Line

    A friend of mine today said that there has been an Auto Ballaster train on the branch as far as Battersby. Is there any reballasting work or maintenance Ballast drop going on on the line or is Battersby being used as a reversal point?
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    Music Appreciation class for Railway Enthusiasts.

    Somebody has had too much time on their hands.
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    Edinburgh - Aberdeen Track closure

    Heard this on travel reports that the line between Edinburgh and Aberdeen near Leuchars is shut for track safety inspections. Due to a sinkhole in the track. Not seen any mention on here despite various searches. Disruption between Dundee...
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    NYMR Winter work 2019 - 2020

    Now that trains have stopped running the real work has started. A sure sign of this is the appearance of Nigel's News the first issue is attached.
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    Murtalbahn Landslide.

    I think that this landslide might take a bit of sorting out.
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    58023 seen on an A42 layby today

    Anyone got any idea as to where 58023 was heading today. I saw it Northbound on the A42 about 17.30 in a layby on the back of an Allelys lowloader. Will it feature on Train Truckers?
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    Kings Cross - Peterborough Works Aug BH 2019

    Is anybody keeping an eye out for what works are being undertaken? Did a search but nothing came up.
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    Strathspey Railway workshop fire It is possible that much of the railways civil engineering rail plant may have been destroyed.
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    UP 4014 Back to life.

    Union Pacific Loco 4014 ran for the first time in preservation under its own steam 2nd May
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    Road Railer brush bristles

    Does anyone know a supplier of the rubber bristles on the brushes under a Ballast Regulator? These are what I mean.
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    Whitby Branch, Castleton bridge replacement

    Apparently Network Rail are replacing the bridge near Castleton Moor station, which was the one which was damaged after it was struck earlier this year by a lorry. I'm not sure if this will shut the Middlesborough to Whitby line for the duration of the works or just for a short time whilst the...
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    Christmas Engineering work

    I believe that there are over 300 worksites around the country this xmas period. Is there a list of them in one place anywhere? I know some have started already such as Lowestoft.