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  1. roversfan2001

    London to Preston 30th Jun - 1st July

    Hi all, I’m currently midway through the process of planning a day trip to London on Sunday. I’ve already booked the overnight National Express down on the Saturday night, however on Sunday night heading back north the coach is £23, which is possibly a bit too expensive (I could afford it but...
  2. roversfan2001

    Virgin Trains giving incorrect advice

    Due to strike action by Northern, I was unable to complete my journey by rail (contract was formed on the basis of a full timetable as I booked the tickets before the strike timetable was released). There was no Northern staff at Preston so I asked a member of Virgin staff if they would be able...
  3. roversfan2001

    Raileasy denying they were the retailer

    I bought a ticket from Trainsplit (Raileasy) for use on Northern services for travel on Sat 27th Oct, since then the strikes have been announced and I wish to get this ticket refunded as I am making alternative arrangements. NRCoT Condition 30.1 suggests I am entitled to a fee-free refund from...
  4. roversfan2001

    Northern 'newspaper offer day rangers' on strike days

    The Northern website says that "Most tickets, except Advance Purchase tickets, enable you to travel on other operator’s trains on your chosen route, whatever the day of your journey." Does anyone know whether that would allow me to use the TPE trains from Preston to Manchester (taking 40...
  5. roversfan2001

    Preston <> Milton Keynes - Easter Monday

    Hi all, I've been tasked with finding the cheapest fares for me and my mates to go to and from Milton Keynes on Easter Monday. 4 adults, one with a 16-25 Railcard and 2 others could buy a Two Together Railcard if the saving is significant. Not too fussed about using the direct Virgin service...
  6. roversfan2001

    Changing a ticket

    Hello all, I have a Leyland to Thirsk Off-Peak Return (adult fare, no railcard), bought online. The outward portion was valid on the 20th Feb only, with the return valid until 19th March. Both portions are unused as I no longer need to visit Thirsk. Is it possible to change this to a Leyland...
  7. roversfan2001

    Permitted routes when using a free TOC pass

    Quite a simple question really: does the routeing guide apply when using a complimentary TOC pass? For example Newcastle-York on a Northern only pass, the shortest route only on Northern involves going via Barrow, which obviously isn't normally permitted. I've got one which I'm using tomorrow...
  8. roversfan2001

    TPE discount applied to VTWC tickets

    I've booked Advances between Preston and Glasgow for Wednesday (on Virgin services in both directions) and they have had the '16-18 TPE discount' applied; is the train manager likely to assume that I've done something dodgy? The fares at the price they were weren't available on the VT site, I...
  9. roversfan2001

    Returns and time restrictions

    Morning all, I've just had an interesting but not very fruitful discussion with the ticket clerk at Buckshaw Parkway. I had travelled from Leyland (no purchasing facilities that I could use) and had broken my journey on the way to Chorley. I asked for an off-peak day return from Chorley to...
  10. roversfan2001


    Hi all, Next Thursday evening I need to go from Manchester to Blackburn, then from Blackburn to Leyland on the Friday morning. Can anyone suggest a ticket I can use for this please? I don't think a multi-day single is available for what is a relatively short distance. I am aware of a loophole...
  11. roversfan2001

    Which rule takes priority?

    Does the rule where any route within 3 miles of the shortest route is valid or the rule where your ticket expires when you stop at your destination take priority; where there is a case of a train with the stopping pattern A-B-C and a ticket from A-B with A-(B)-C-B being a valid route?
  12. roversfan2001

    TVM out of service mid-print

    I went to pick up some tickets for travel tomorrow and the machine only printed the collection receipt then went out of service. What do I do? Will the tickets be marked as collected?
  13. roversfan2001

    Preston area timetables

    ISTR seeing that TPE services used to call at more stations between Preston and Manchester (Leyland and Chorley etc.); does anyone have any timetable scans/pictures showing the service pattern of these? Also, does anyone know what the general service pattern would have been on services in the...
  14. roversfan2001

    Northern over-charging passengers during a made-up evening peak

    Numerous times now I have been over-charged during the evening peak by being sold Anytime tickets when an Off-Peak ticket would be valid. Wouldn't mind too much if it was easy to get refunded or compensated but it's a nightmare. Does anyone else have any anecdotes of being over-charged, and...
  15. roversfan2001

    16-25 Railcard question

    I'm now lucky enough to be eligible for a 16-25 railcard; and intend to make use of one later on today. Now due to being unable to buy one online before my 16th birthday I will have to buy it at my local station. My question is, how many pieces of paper/card will this be made up of and will the...
  16. roversfan2001

    Non safety-critical jobs in the industry for a 16 year old

    Just thought I'd ask here... I'm exploring my options about what to do now I've left school and as I believe I'd work far better in a place I'm interested in and would enjoy... As a 16 year old school leaver with above average grades (hopefully); I'm guessing the availability of jobs in the...
  17. roversfan2001

    The National Lottery Twitter blunder

    Tonight The National Lottery showed us why you should never trust the British public with anything online. They ran something which meant if you retweeted one of their Tweets they would Tweet a 'thanks' which included your name on a white placard held by a GB athlete. Cue people changing...
  18. roversfan2001

    TPE at Doncaster - Sat 5th Aug

    Due to some works on the North TPE route the Manchester Airport (MIA)-Newcastle (NCL) services are running via Doncaster (DON) in the path of the Manchester-Cleethorpes (CLE) with a separate Doncaster-Cleethorpes service running instead. Thoughout the day there is a 4 minute connection eastbound...
  19. roversfan2001

    Leyland to Sunderland 29/07

    Hi all, I'm looking for the best* possible flexible fare (or combination of fares) for a journey from Leyland to Sunderland. Routeing is unimportant however we have a preference for trains with WiFi and tables. 1 adult and 1 child with a family railcard. Arriving at roughly 1.30pm, departing...
  20. roversfan2001

    Fatality at Leyland (25/07)

    I've been informed someone has been hit by a train at Leyland. Commiserations to the family and the driver involved. Sent from my HTC Desire 530 using Tapatalk