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    How many Stations on the London Underground?

    I was at a pub quiz last night. There was a question about the number of stations on the Underground and the answer was 284. I am sure it came up a few months ago and the answer then was 270; I looked on the internet and that also says 270. I wonder if some stations that Underground...
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    Best exit at Kings Cross St Pancras

    Hi. I know at Kings Cross St. P, when coming from the South on the Victoria line it is best to be at back of train so one can have a shortish walk to escalator for main, old, ticket hall. Is there a similiar short cut from Piccadilly line wgen coming from the South. Trying to avoid the longer...
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    Getting to London City Airport

    Hi, I am flying from London City Airport soon. I will get a single ticket from SWR land to Waterloo, then take the Jubilee & DLR to the airport changing at Canning Town. TFL Planner said the fare using contacless is £ 2.40. I know I will have to tap in at Waterloo when doing down to the...
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    Northern Line, Northern Branches

    I had to travel to meet a friend yesterday at High Barnet, I traveled there on the Northern Line from Waterloo, I have never been on that branch beyond Camden Town before. I noticed when the train came up above ground, how large East Finchley Station was, it seemed to have four platform...
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    Lost Underground Stations etc

    Does anyone know if there are any books that can be ordered from Waterstones or Amazon, that would have a section regarding the "lost" or Closed underground and tram stations, eg Down Street, Holborn tram stop and other bits of unused tube and rail lines/subterrania in and around London? Tks.
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    Growing Plants on the Underground

    I saw an article this week about plants being grown for commercial purposes, hydroponically using some tunnels under the Northern Line in the Clapham area. If it works out it could be a great success. I was wonder what those tunnels were originally used for, were they part of the original...
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    Fast Trains on the Met & Piccadilly.

    Apart from where the Met line trains pass through the Jubilee Line stations where they run parallel in north London. I wondered are there any Met line trains that run fast, not stopping at certain met stations anymore.? I think there used to be a few faster services, but I am not sure if they...
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    Richmond & Wimbledon District Line Platforms

    I have recently had to change my commute to get to Earls Court Station. I take Southwest Trains to Wimbledon or Richmond where Ii change onto the District Line. It's not too bad in the mornings, but very busy and less straightforward in the evenings. I was wondering how easy and...