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  1. Kentish Paul

    Bad week for Wessex region infrastructure

    Can someone define Wessex?
  2. Kentish Paul

    Trivia: non stop services under an overall roof

    Frome? When the bypass is closed for engineering works.
  3. Kentish Paul

    Decaying trains at Crewe

    Woudn't be allowed anyway. It's akin to getting the Concorde prototype out of the FAA (Fleet Air Arm) museum at Yeovilton and getting it flying again.
  4. Kentish Paul

    Loco-hauled Par to Exeter

    Well said Berney. Having lived in Penzance for 30 years i'm wondering how i missed seeing a tram.
  5. Kentish Paul

    GWR Class 800

    That is your view sir. If it wasn't for the Military you wouldn't be here today. The defence of the realm is the first priority of any government. The railway kept the military runnig during two world wars. They have every right to have "themes" on todays railway.
  6. Kentish Paul

    Best ever traction sound

    Not a spectacular sound but the noise of a 395 just oozes power when leaving Stratford eastward in the tunnel on full chat.
  7. Kentish Paul

    395s today.

    Just back from a walk over the Canterbury line as Ashford. Saw that both 1J45 (15:43 Ashford to St Pancras) and 1J42 (15:52 Ashford to Margate) were 12 cars. Is this a bank holiday weekend thing or normal for a Sunday? Also Open time trains showed 1J42 departing from platform 4 as against 6...
  8. Kentish Paul

    Class 158 air conditioning

    Anyone found the most consistent aircon? All my years of commuting on HS1 on a 395 i never came across a failure. OK not every trip was in high summer but those that were i cannot remember a warm trip. Reminds me of Japanese and Korean hire cars in the Med which basically threw ice cubes at...
  9. Kentish Paul

    HOW do trains 'turn around' at St. Pancras

    Was very common at Penzance prior to HST introduction. The 08 shunter would pull the stock out to a siding just beyond the platforms, the loco would then proceed to Long Rock depot then the 08 would propel the coaches back into the platform.
  10. Kentish Paul

    Aviation Discussion

    Singapore to Heathrow with Qantas did it for me. December 2004 on a 747. a very circuitous route and a hold at the London end it took 14hrs 12mins.
  11. Kentish Paul

    Have you ever seen anyone being arrested on a train?

    Was in Austrailia in 2004 travelling from Sydney to Perth on the Indian Pacific. As we were all getting back on after the stop at Kalgoorlie,two officers followed a chap on board and carted him away. The train then promptly carried on its way. Not sure what he had done.
  12. Kentish Paul

    GWR HST power car in siding at Castle Cary

    Hello all, Can somebody confirm that the power car has left CLC (Castle Cary). The previous posts seem a bit vague. (no it's an engineering train?) and went to Taunton first. If it was in the North siding (west of the car park and platform 1) and ajacent to the up main (eg direct to Westbury)...
  13. Kentish Paul

    What are the cons for running trains on Gas Turbines vs 25kv wires

    Indeed. Travelled from Dover to Paris in 1988 or 89 for a long weekend. SRN4 hovercraft to Boulogne and then Turbotrain to Gare du Nord. There was a station at the hoverport called Boulogne Aeroglisseur purely for the hovercraft. Gas turbines all the way from Dover to Paris.
  14. Kentish Paul

    [Trivia] Termini stations with least facilities

    Agreed about the station but just walk outside. Try the "New Inn".
  15. Kentish Paul

    Northern Steam services on the Settle and Carlisle

    From reading the posts upthread there will be no standing allowed, so once the seats are full that's it. Must be going to be a strong staff presence to enforce this.
  16. Kentish Paul

    Railcard incorrect form information

    Thanks for that. Always wonderd why my senior railcard does not need a photo.
  17. Kentish Paul

    Railcard incorrect form information

    Ok fine. What does it say on the card? 16-25 or mature?
  18. Kentish Paul

    Railcard incorrect form information

    Excuse my ignorence, but what is a mature railcard?
  19. Kentish Paul

    Freight train derailed at Lewisham 24/01

    Thanks Mike, much appreciated.