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    Manchester Trams, Maps, Fares

    Good morning, All being well I am going to Manchester for the day in a couple of months time and want to "Play" on the trams, using the new city link too. I can not seem to find a map online of the whole UPDATED network that will print the whole network on A4 paper. It does the middle part but...
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    West Midland Trams

    Good morning, All being well I shall be in Brum next month and want to go on the trams for a few stops now they are using New Street Stn. I can not work out from the website how much a return ticket would be say to the Hawthorns or Jewelry Quarter, it would be for afternoon on a week day...
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    Manchester Trams

    Good morning, All being well I hope to be visiting Manchester on a Tuesday or Wednesday in early February. I have heard something about trams not stopping at Man Victoria Station for a while. Does anyone know if that is true, we are planning to visit Salford Media City, so I think we...
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    Enfield to Colindale by Public Transport

    Good Morning, On Saturday 29 June, I may be visiting a model rail show in the morning which is near Enfield Chase Railway Station, then after that I hope to visit a friend who lives not far from Colindale Station. It's not a part of London that I know very well, is there an easy way to...
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    Yorkshire Coast Liner services at Easter

    Good morning, All being well I will be coming up to Pickering over the Easter Holidays. Does anyone know if, on Good Friday, 29 March. The Yorkshire Coast Liner services will be operating with a Normal Weekday (M-F) service or as a Saturday service.? I can not see anything in their...
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    London cable car

    Good evening, Does anyone know if an all zone travel card or pay as you go Oyster card is valid for travel on the london cable cars from Greenwich to Dockland or VV? is a further supplement payable. Also is the rail museum still at the old North Wollwich Station?
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    Tfl routemasters 9 & 15

    Good morning, I may be in London this Saturday and if so hope to go on at least one of the routemaster services 9 or 15. The 9 RM used to start at Albert Hall and end up at Aldwych, (Connecting at Charing X for the 15 to the Tower), however last year the 9 seemed to have changed it start and...
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    Yorkshire Coast Liner

    Good Morning, All being well this Easter weekend, Good Friday-Easter Monday I hope to be travelling to Pickering from York on service 840 which are operating Saturday services on those 2 days. Does anyone know are these buses, especially the ones going onto Whitby single or double deckers...
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    Old Tram TV Programme

    For anyone who is interested, there is a programme on BBC 3 or BBC 4 Diggi, on Monday evening at 2100 hrs 05 Dec all about the old UK trams. Maybe worth watching or recording.