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    Which Platforms at Worcester Foregate Street

    Good afternoon, Hope this is in the correct area. All being, later this week, I shall travelling from Paddington to Worcester Foregate Street, (WOF), the train leaves PAD at about 11.50 and should get to WOF at 13.57. I am meeting my friend at WOF, he will be arriving from South Wales at...
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    First Class on GWR, LNER & Greater Anglia

    Good Morning, All being well, I should be travelling in a couple of weeks on GWR from Paddington to Worcester & back, in First Class, I got a really good fare with a railcard, then hopefully in July & August I should be making some journeys from London going North & East on various LNER &...
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    Oddest seat reservations you have been issued with

    I just fancied a day out and saw that the Southern Services tomMany destinations including Eastbourne are being diverted to / from London Bridge, which is ok for me, I can go from home to Waterloo on SWR, go from Waterloo East all the way to London Bridge on Southeastern, then get the Southern...
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    Alcohol on Long Distance Trains at the moment

    Does anyone know why some TOCs have banned Alcohol on trains at the moment, although those with a limited catering service, are now offering tea/coffee/soft drinks & snacks? I presume it is to do with CV19. I was on a GWR service last week and another chap was having a couple of can of beers...
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    GWR Query, how many carriages & electric or diesel?

    Hi, all being well I shall be travelling for the first time in ages on GWR in a few days time. It will be my 1st experience of their new (Inter City) type trains as I think all the 125s have gone? As the the services have been altered due to CV. Does anyone know 1, how many carriages will my...
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    Wimbledon to Paddington travelling off peak: how busy is it likely to be?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how busy the tube is in the off peak period Mon-Fri between about 1000-1500 hrs. I was thinking in particular of the District line from Wimbledon to Paddington.? Thanks.
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    When are bookings open for 18 May

    Good morning, all being well I shall be travelling from London to the North East in May. I have made northbound bookings OK for 13 & 15 May, I did those a couple of weeks ago, but the return on 18 May is still not open for bookings. I suspect because it is when the new timetables start. Does...
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    Low cost hotel near Kings Cross

    Good morning, I wonder if anyone knows of a respectable, but not expensive hotel for a 1 night stay in the Kings Cross/St. Pancras area of London? I may be arriving on a late Eurostar and may not be able to get an onward train home that night. I know there are some B&Bs around that area, but...
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    Visit to Tweedbank & the Borders line and also to Lochgelly

    Good morning, I may be going to Scotland later this year or early next. I would like to do the new line from Edinburgh to Tweedbank, is there much to do in Tweedbank for an hour or so, places to eat, pubs etc. I have also been recommended to visit the town of Lochgelly located north of...
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    What type of train ?

    Does anyone know if the 0943 Weekdays Eus to Wigan etc is A pendolino or Voyager please. It goes via Brum. I am in coach H. Tks
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    Hull Trains First Class Service?

    Good morning, I may be having a weekend break in Scunthorpe and have been told that the group will meet & depart at Hull Station. I was wondering about trying Hull Trains First Class Service, has anyone experienced this, do you get food, drink included like you do on VT East & West Coast...
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    Matters concerning the Isle of Wight

    I went on the UK Railtours 159 SWT unit charter to the Isle of Wight yesterday, it was a great day out. It did make me ponder about a few transport issuse on and to the Island though. When steam was withdrawn and the sad closure of much of the railways there in the late 1960s, just leaving the...
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    Solent & Sarum Stean Railtour 13 Sept 2014

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Saturday's trip, 13 Sept from Waterloo to Salisbury with Braunton, excellent Running along the Main line outbound all the way to Salisbury and on parts on the return journey too. (There were some delays around Romesey & Haslemere, coming back, perhaps...
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    Golders Green Coach & Tube Stops

    Good morning, this coming Sunday morning I am coming back to London Victoria on the National Express Coach from the Midlands, (it's easier than, train/bus/train/train.) I think the coach calls at Golders Green and I was wondering as I have to get my homeward bound train from Waterloo or...
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    Trip to Crewe Rail Centre & City Centre

    All being well, next Saturday 12 July I am on a railtour to Crewe, I would like to visit the rail heritage centre which I think is near tesco in the Mill Street area? is that far from the main City centre of Crewe, or is that the other side of the main railway station? thanks.
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    Lon Meal 21 Oct & RHDR

    It was good to see you all on Friday at St. P and O'Neils, I hope those who went on the RHDR on Sat also had a good trip. Rgds Steve.