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    Buses to Ribblehead Station Inn?

    Good morning, all being well, I am hoping to go on a UK Holiday to Yorkshire and the surrounding area in July. I was hoping to make a visit on Thursday 15 July to the great pub by the Ribblehead viaduct for lunch as I should be staying in Leeds or Bradford, but the trains on the SCR are less...
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    TFL Bus Spider map of Twickenham

    Hi, I may need to go to the Twickenham area in a couple of months time and for where I need to go, it would be easier to take the bus. However when I looked up spider maps on TFL website for the Twickenham area, it only has the Rugby Ground area rather than the town centre London Road/York &...
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    Bus Services on the Isle of Sheppey (Kent)

    Good morning, I am planning a visit to the Isle Of Sheppey, I have been many times before, but not for 2 - 3 years. Have the bus services there been reduced recently.? One bus journey I was hoping to do was from Sheerness to the Halfway Cemetery. There used to be a bus every 15 minutes on that...
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    Bus Services from Newcastle Upon Tyne to Alnwick & Berwick

    Good Morning, All being well, I hope to be staying in the North East (Newcastle) in August and on a Wednesday, was considering taking the coastal route bus service from Newcastle to Alnwick (I Think there used to be a fast bus taking around an hour which is what I'd prefer), then take the...
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    Bus from Waterloo to Kings Cross St Pancras

    Good morning, apart from the 59, are there any other direct buses that go from Waterloo to Kings Cross St Pancras and VV? Tks.
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    Brixham to Paignton

    Good morning, all being well I shall have about 4 hours to spare in a couple of Saturdays time in Paignton and was thinking about going onto Brixham, I think it is bus 12 and quite a regular service too. Does anyone know if those are single or Double Deckers? Tks.
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    Edinburgh Sightseeing by Bus

    Good morning, All being well I am going to Edinburgh for a few days soon, not been there for ages. I intend to get one of the £ 4.00 day rover that is valid on the trams and Lothian buses. Does anyone know what would be a good Lothian bus or buses to view the main tourist sites without having...
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    Buses Doncaster to Scunthorpe

    Good morning, I am going on Holiday to Scunthorpe soon and just found out I am travelling on a day when Northern Trains are on strike. Does any one know if there are any buses from Doncaster Railway Station to Scunthorpe station or town centre. I just googled it and not much appeared...
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    First Bus Route Times Query

    Good Morning, I am trying to confirm if there is a First Bus service 555, that departs from Shepperton-Middlesex to Heathrow Terminal Five at around 0621 hrs on Weekdays in June? I need to be at Terminal Five airport by 0745. According to a printed timetable on Surrey Councils website dated...
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    First Bus Email contact

    Good afternoon. I wonder if anyone has an email address for first group. I have a timetable query on one of their routes which I can not answer on their website or timetable planner and their web email system won't work from my pc. tks,.
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    Newcastle upon Tyne to Alnwick

    Good morning, I may be going to the North East in a few months and am considering going upto Alnwick from Newcastle, I did this years ago with Northumbria buses who were really good, had great friendly & helpful staff and a fast service that took about 80 minutes ish. They don't seem to exist...
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    Cross Mersey Bus Routes

    Good evening, All being well I may be visiting Liverpool in the not too distant future, we hope to take the Ferry from Pier Head to Birkenhead and were going to take the Merseyrail back to Liverpool, but I think it is curtailed at James Street? so we wondered if there are any buses we can...
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    Buses to Nutbourne Sussex this coming Friday

    Good Morning, I may have to attended a thanksgiving service following a funeral this coming Friday 13th Jan around 1430 hrs. It is near the village of Nutbourne, I think the Church is in a nearby smaller village called Chidham? In west Sussex. I don't drive and I would have normally gone...
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    Tfl bus fares

    Do TFL Buses in out London, still take cash payments,? I am thinking of the 111 from Hampton Railway Station to Hampton Court palace, I have Kiwi friends visiting and they won't have oysters, not sure if they have contactless bank cards. Thank you.
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    London Bus Route 87 Query

    Good morning, Does anyone know if the 87 from Aldwych towards Wandsworth stops opposite the ASDA store at Lavender Hill (Not far from Clapham Junction) ? Many Thanks.
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    Bristol Bus Number 2

    Not sure if this has been discussed yet. I heard that a bus in Bristol is running on human and other waste products. Is it route number 2 ? (Sorry)
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    Southampton free bus shuttle

    Good morning, does anyone know if the free little bus shuttle still operate from the Central Station to the town centre and ferries? Thank you.
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    Isle of Sheppey Bus fares

    Good morning, does anyone know if there is a day rover type ticket that is valid on Arriva buses from Sheerness to Halfway & return, plus from Leysdown back to Sheerness and that is also valid on the Chalkwell service from Sheerness to Warden Point. There was when I did those journeys about...
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    Vintage London area buses and Trollybuses

    I went to the Hampton Middlesex Transport Gala yesterday and went on a couple of the free vintage bus journeys they were recreating in part. One was the 725 Greenline service, which yesterday went from Hampton Stn via Hampton Court to Kingston & Return, the other was trying to recreate part of...
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    OLD Routemaster buses in London

    I read this week, that one of the 2 remaining routes that use the old routemaster buses in London, the number 9, may stop running those buses which just leave a few on part of route 15. Shame, but the 9 now has the new Boris routemasters so maybe a conflict of interest there?. Whenever I...