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    Southern region Double Decker OO Models

    Good evenig, does any one know, if there were and OO or HO gauge models made of the Southern region Double Decker trains that used to operate on some of the South Eastern Suburban lines from the late 1950s to the early 1970s? Thanks Steve.
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    Model of LSWR Gate Stock

    One of the Model Railway firm has just emailed me about items they put on sale. LSWR Gate Stock. I have not heard of that before, what was it and were did it run. I tried googling but apart from the models, I could not find much else about it. Tks Steve.
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    Hornby Collector Club Models

    A friend of mine who is altering and converting his 00 gauge railway, kindly gave me some of his unwanted models, which was very kind of him. Two are by Collector Club, is there anything extra special about these? they are; R3775 Network Rail 0 4 0 diesel shunter 2019 collector club by Railroad...
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    Second Hand Model Railway

    A friend of mine is clearing a late relation's house and there is a load of model railway odds and ends there. Seems to be O gauge or a bit larger. He asked me where he could dispose of it. I know Rails of Sheffield and may be Hattons are worth a try. Does anyone know of anywhere else? Tks. Steve
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    00 Gauge Colour Light Signals query

    Good afternoon. I have a query about colour light signals, my 00 Gauge railway is analogue, rather than digital & I use an H&M Old Duette Controller that I have acquired and a more modern H&M 2000 controller. I have an older hornby colour light signal that works well, plus I recently bought...
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    00 Gauge, Class 110 DMU Grinding query

    Good afternoon, I bought, a couple of years ago, a 2nd hand 00 Gauge, Class 110 DMU 3 car green unit. I don't know when it was originally made, it was in very good condition and ran well. In recent months however, it has started to run erratically, a bit jerky to start with, then in the past...
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    Hornby - Lima Couplings

    Good afternoon, Does anyone know if there are wagons/guards vans etc OO Gauge, that have a traditional Hornby or even the very old Hornby Coupling at one end and the Lima / Liliput loop type coupling that is found on HO gauge European Gauge carriages etc at the other end? I have looked on...
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    OO Gauge Track Cleaning Tips Please

    Good afternoon, does anyone have any good tips about the best way to keep OO Gauge tracks clean. I do have one of those hard rubbers that I bought at a model shop, I also use paper handkerchiefs, but they disintegrate. Just wondering about cotton dusters or JayCloth type products, although they...
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    HO CIWL Wagons Lits query

    Good morning, I have just purchased on line a couple of HO CIWL carriages, both Pullman, but the livery is not the usual dark Blue and Gold. One 4787, is a lighter blue & white, note unlike the Brighton Belle Electric train after it was repainted in the late 1960s, the other carriage 9042...
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    Loco MORNING STAR 70021

    Good evening. I have just bought second hand 00 gauge 4.6.2 Loco MORNING STAR 70021. I Just wondered in working life what regions would that loco have worked it. It has the British Railways wheel with a lion on the tender. Tks. Steve.
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    00 Gauge County of Cornwall Steam Loco

    Good morning, I recently acquired a 00 Gauge Steam loco, GWR County of Cornwall, it is a 4-4-0 loco. When I was looking up on the internet more details, history, of this loco on the main line, it indicated that it was in fact a 4-6-0 loco. I wonder why therefore the model is 4-4-0 ? Or...
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    Repairs and Servicing 00 odds and ends

    A colleague of mine very kindly recently gave me a load of his old 00 locos, carriages, wagons and a couple of Old Duette contollers. (Grey Silver Colour, just like the one I had in the late 1960s/early 1970s.) They were stored in a tea chest in his loft for many many years. I tried the...