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    Scunthorpe Steel Works Steam Railway Tours

    Good morning, I am going on Holiday all being well in August to Scunthorpe.... Has anyone been on the Scunthorpe Steel Works Steam Railway Tour yet this year? I think they are operating again. I have done that in previous years with brake cars and smallish steam loco. It is a fantastic trip.
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    Steam Train on the LSWR 07 May

    Good evening, a friend who works near the Southwestern Main Line in the Weybridge/Byfleet area told me that this morning, Friday 07 May, that a steam train went past their office, does any one know what that may have been, loco, TOC? Thanks, Steve,
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    Charter Train at Inverness on Easter Sunday 2021

    Hi. I was on the phone to a friend who lives near Inverness, he told me that he was on the Railway Station there on Easter Sunday morning and a Charter Train was shown on the indicator board due to depart at 11.00AM. We were both wondering what that was all about. Are there any charter trains...
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    Steam Dreams shorter trips

    Good morning, I recently had an email from Steam Dreams advising that that are doing shorter circular Santa and Christmas tours in December, daytime and evenings and also next Summer from London. It does not say what routes they will be, but by looking at the timings and prices from £ 39.00 & £...
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    Stephenson Railway Museum Tyne & Wear

    Good evening, I may be going on a tour later this year which could include a visit to the Stephenson Railway Museum in Tyne & Wear. I have an A to Z map of that area which shows there is a stretch of line where they appear to run heritage trains sometimes and on the map this seems to be between...
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    Is Flying Scotsman on the Main Line today 24 Sept

    I was meeting a couple of friends yesterday and they said that their brother in law was going on a main line steam train today, 24 September, hauled by Flying Scotsman, they were not sure of all the details, but thought it may have been from Doncaster to Ely.? I was just curious as it sounds a...
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    G W R "Flying Banana Railcar"

    I Was at the NRM in York a few days ago and saw, for the 1st time, a G W R "Flying Banana Railcar", it look quite good inside. Are any of them running on any of the heritage lines? & was it only GWR that used these. They must have seemed very modern when they were first introduced. The NRM...
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    RAILTOUR 13 March queries

    Good morning, I was on a railtour yesterday, 16 March to Cranmore. It was a great trip. I have a query about the rolling stock used, which perhaps some members of this forum may know the answers? Normally when I have been on any main line rail tour operated by either Steam Dreams, RTC or...
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    61306 Mayflower Steam Loco

    Good afternoon, Does anyone know if 61306 Mayflower Steam Loco is in operation on the Mainline, I have booked a trip in Late December and it appears that it will be hauled by that loco? Tks.
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    Another Channel 4 rail item

    I saw on TV programme this week, I think on a C4 freeview channel 14, about the Yorkshire dales and lakes, it featured a number of topics, one of which was about a man in his mid 50s, his father was a signal man at Settle Railway Station. Although this chap loved trains, the line was going into...
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    Hastings Diesel Railtour 21 April

    Is anyone booked on the HDL Railtour to King's Lynn and Middleton Towers Tomorrow.? I am looking forward to it as it is not an area that I have been to much, especially of course the Middleton Towers Branch.
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    Vintage Trains Pannier Locos & GWR RailCar 93

    Good Morning, I just came across a couple of Steam Video DVDs from 2011 & 2013. They were very interesting and a couple of items particularly interested me. One item was they showed a Small Pannier Loco hauling Empty Carriage Stick coming into Birmingham Moor Street Bay Platforms, the train...
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    Churnet Valley Railway

    I was wondering if the plans to extend to Leek, Stoke or Oakmoor/Alton Towers have been totally shelved or if there is still a chance any of these could happen. I thought the Leek plan was a done deal, but I am not so sure now. Also why don't they run as far as Cauldron Lowe now, I think they...
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    Clerestory Carriages in Preservation

    Good morning, I just wondered if there were any GWR (Or others) Clerestory Carriages in Preservation?
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    Wessex Express Railtour 18 Nov Clan Line

    Hi, I went on the Wessex Express Railtour 18 Nov hauled by Clan Line. It was a great day out and we had very good running. There alot of people taking photos/films landside, I wondered if any of these were by our forum members as I would like to see some shots/films of the train. Thank You.
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    Waverley Steam Trains York via Settle to Carlisle: Why the 'Waverley' name?

    Good afternoon, I was just wondering why the series of Summer Steam Charter trains from York via Settle to Carlisle, operated by Railway Touring Company, which they call the Waverley are called "The Waverley". To me, the Waverley is the route that used to run from Carlisle to Edinburgh and is...
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    Alcoholic Drinks on Charter Trains

    Good morning, I have recently had tickets for two main line steam charter trips, with different operators, with the usual travel notes/tips etc, both firms said they ask passengers not to bring/consume their own alcoholic drinks and a corkage charge may be levied. I wonder why this is...
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    Is there a steam ban on the Main Line

    Good morning, Is there a steam ban on the Main Line at the moment,? I went on a railtour a couple of days ago in the west country and diesel traction was used more than steam owing to what we were told was an incident some where in Eastern England where a main line steam loco had caused line...
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    Private/preserved railways shown on National Rail Maps

    I have just picked up a copy of the London, South East & Tubs combined maps. I noticed that these also show the isle of Wight Steam Railway, Bluebell Line and Spa Valley Railway, all of which have connections or adjoin with national rail routes, however the Mid Hants and The Chosley railways...
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    Torbay Express Steam Train

    Good Morning, All being well, I shall be travelling on the Torbay Express Steam Train from Bristol Temple Meads. I have done this before several times, although not in recent years. The train I am booked on is going on a new route via Bath & Trowbridge, then Taunton etc. Would I be...