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    HQ BR Ditra/KeTech Jingles (isolated)

    I like the video at Sheffield, the old DMUs and the 125 pulling away, brilliant.
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    General reminiscences about train to ferry travel

    Yes, I used that branch a few times in the 1970s for trips to France, then many many years later on steam charter trips that went along the branch, lovely.
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    Liverpool Riverside Station

    Having just read an item about the now closed Liverpool Riverside Station which was most interesting, I was wondering what has happened with the 2 tunnels that went there and another to Park Lane Goods. These being Waterloo, Victoria and Wapping Tunnels. Doany stubs of these remain for any...
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    General reminiscences about train to ferry travel

    Thank you that Liverpool Riverside Link was very interesting to read.
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    General reminiscences about train to ferry travel

    I presume Liverpool Riverside was accessed via tunnels from the main line around Edge Hill?
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    Railway Dogs

    Yes, that's the one, I could not think of it's name.
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    Railway Dogs

    That's a bit like the statue of a little dog in Edinburh, similar story I think.
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    General reminiscences about train to ferry travel

    Yes I went from Folkestone Harbour on the Boat trains a few times too. The Ship I remember using a lot was Sealink Hengist, it was quite new then and very good. (I was also lucky enough to get on a few of the Steam Charter Trains that went up and down the Harbour Branch, they were great...
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    Long Marston Bulleid and Stanier coaches in the 1970s/80s

    Mod Note: Thread split from here. What a lovely picture, (I wonder what the dark green looking unit is on the far right hand side with white front window?)
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    Unexpected trains as substitute traction.

    I like the idea of a pacer replacing an East Coast service to King's Cross, I hope it had a good number of carriages, I wonder where it came from and how fast it was able to get. ? :D (Mind you I did a trip on one some years ago all the way from Leeds to Lancaster, I must admit I was surprised...
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    Picc-Vic tunnel project

    Wasn't there a similar plan to link the 2 stations in Bradford too?
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    Stoke to Leek/Alton Towers

    That is a great shame. I thought it was all set to go?
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    A couple of questions re London to Manchester Trains

    Yes it was the one on Radio Two with Peter Kay & Johnnie Walker. Friday at 1700 hours. Quite good infact, general chit chat and playing music.
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    A couple of questions re London to Manchester Trains

    Good Morning, I have a couple of questions about London to Manchester. 1. I was listing to a radio programme the other evening and it started off with an announcement of a train going to Manchester, I presume from Euston, calling at Milton Keynes Central, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Stockport...
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    "Mystery Excursion"

    Not exactly a Mystery Train, but I do recall I think in the 1980s or 1990s, seeing trains mainly on Saturdays, going to odd places from Exeter St. Davids, one example was to Rose Grove. I then went through Rose Grove Station whilst on a UK Railtour 2 or 3 years ago. SWT did have some odd...
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    What WAS it like travelling on a steam train?

    I really enjoy travelling by steam train, both on the "Heritage" lines and when they travel on main line charters. I love all the sounds and smells, I suppose because nowadays it is rather unusual. However in proper old steam days, it must have been rather grimy to say the least. (You do...
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    Carriage livery post-1948 nationalisation

    Oddly enough, I was just thinking about this subject earlier today. I understand that after 1923 grouping into the Big Four, the carrieages were mainly painted in Green for the Southern, Chocolate & Cream for the GWR, Maroon for the LMS and on the mainline East Coast LNER from Kings Cross, I...
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    Kepi-style BR caps

    I saw some of those kepi caps on sale at the Crewe rail centre a few weeks ago. I quite liked the navy blue wool pullovers that BR Staff were issued with too.
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    BR Blue in the 1960s

    I think the NYMR have a rake of a few blue/grey carriages, and some of the other preserved railways have some blue DMUs. I liked the blue/grey livery of that area. Not so keen on plain blue though.