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    Chilterns Bicester North rolling stock

    All being well I shall be travelling on Chiltern on a Thursday from Marylebone at 1340 or 1440 to Bicester North. Returning on a Monday on the 1203 or 1216 services. Does anyone know what type of rolling stock will be used for these trains? Tks.
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    Odd Sightings in GWR Land

    I was on the HDL Railtour to Paignton Yesterday. I think I spotted some odd or old liveries and a funny train during the day. Have GWR or maybe XC got some 125 power cars using the brown and orange livery from the 1970s/1980s? and also the earlier BR Blue & White Livery? I think I saw too...
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    Odd 313 unit at Hove on Sat 28 April

    I was travelling yesterday on a diverted 377 from Clapham Jct to Chichester and return yesterday. Owing to engineering work, instead of going via the Arun Valley, we went via Haywards Heath and Hove. (odd formation, back 4 split off to Lewes via Brighton!, front 4 to Southampton or Pompey.) Very...
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    Query about SE & Southern Rolling Stock

    I was on a steam charter a few days ago around Kent and whilst travelling around, I noticed what appeared to be either new or refurbished South Eastern rolling stock, (or maybe Thameslink?). They were all dark blue and above the small first class area there was the traditional Yellow stripe...
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    S w t 158 159

    I was awaiting my local SWT from Raynes Park Yesterday and around 1630 ish, a nine coach train, which I think was the 1620 from WAT to Exeter came whizzing through, (Surprised it was 9 at that time), anyway I noticed on the front set, the SWT livery seemed to have "jazzed up" a bit, the...
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    New trains for ECML & FGW

    Will the new Inter City typetrains that are supposed to coming in the next few years to operate on the ECML & FGWR lines from Kings Cross and Paddington, be longer/have more carriages than the current 8 or sometimes 9 that operate at the moment, ? It would be a good opportunity, especially on...
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    Loco Hauled Chiltern Day Out & query

    I traveled yesterday on Chiltern railways from Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street, using the 50 Pence evening standard offer. I was very impressed indeed. I went up on the 1015 silver train, loco hauled service, which was very clean, spacious & comfortable and arrived 7 mins early. (Which...
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    S W T to / from WAT-Weymouth 04 Nov

    Just saw this on SWT website today. Does it mean they are using a different type of train on their 1420 & 1805 services today or have they just been coupled up differently. I can't recall where f/c normally is on those white trains. ? 18:05 London Waterloo to Weymouth due 21:15 First...
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    Saturday loco hauled from Marylebone

    Good afternoon, Am I correct in assuming that the only Saturday Morning Loco Hauled train from Marylebone to Brum is the 1106 and the only return afternoon/evening loco hauled is the 1355 from Brum. This would be for Sat 12 Oct. Tks.
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    Odd sighting at Kingston upon Thames Bay Platform

    When I was at Kingston upon Thames station yesterday around 2pm. I think what was part of the National Rail Test train came in on the Bay Platform 1. It was hauled by a diesel or diesel electric loco in SWT Colours and I think called "Battle of Britain" and at the other end was a similar loco...
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    Seat Reservations Seating Plans

    Is it possible when booking on FGW to get a seat plan when doing internet bookings/reservations?, I know on some TOCs sites this facility is possible, sometimes when the system gives you a seat when first making the booking, but then gives the opportunity to amend seating before the booking...
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    SWT 455s

    I see in the media today that SWT 455 "red" trains are having a refurb and changing power supply, plus being made lighter. It only seems a very short time that thse units were given a refurbishment. Are they also having extra carriages made for these same units in connection with the...
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    Clapham jct to brighton

    Good morning, I may be going from Shepperton to Brighton this coming Saturday 18 Feb for a day trip. Does anyone know which trains past each hour from Clapham Jct to Brighton & rtn will be formed of the former SWT Wessex Electric trains that sometimes do the Brighton run, rather than the...