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    Class 442s - Now at the end of the road and to be withdrawn permanently

    Have any been saved for preservation?
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    SWR Class 458 to be retained by SWR.

    I am sorry to hear that the 442s are not coming back now.
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    SWR Class 444 first class refurbishment?

    Hopefully at least the 159s will remain as 1 + 2 as the journeys are quite long.
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Sorry, I did not realise the "Jazz Trains" were introduced that long ago.
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Anglia Railways were good. They tried some interesting cross London Routes. (Can I be cheeky and ask if you remember Jazz trains on ER, not sure how far they back were though?)
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Oh what a prospect.!
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    Hydroflex - testing

    Interesting to hear this news. (and that Evesham has moved counties.)
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    View forward and old DMU

    I was on the Tyne & Wear Metro a few days and the front area is cordoned off. I presume to do with cv19.
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    What, did they separate en route?
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    Trains in movies

    Thank you for that, most interesting. :D
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    Trains in movies

    I watched an old film last night "The Lady KIllers" and there was a lot of steam railway scenes in that. I think it was supposed to be North of Kings Cross, although I am not sure of the exact location. It was very good though.
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    Trains in movies

    There was an Agatha Christie the other day, supposed to be GWR from Paddington to Plymouth, but the rolling stock was SR green not Chocolate & Cream. I think the station used in one shot was on the Bluebell line.
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    Trains in movies

    I was watching a Miss Marple recently which mentioned first Russians in Space which was around 1957-1961, however in a railway scene, the carriages had old Great Western signage which should not have happened so long after nationalisation (About 10 years earlier). They had some side by side...
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    Trains in movies

    Yes that station and line seems to have been used alot for TV & Fims, Poirot, Downton Abbey etc.
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    Trains in movies

    I was watching a Poirot film the other night, based I think in the mid 1930s, on the Moors in West Yorkshire, which had some train scenes. I think filming the railway shots may have been done of the KWVRly. An all stations stopping train to London King's Cross was announced, but when it came...
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    Trains in movies

    There was another scene in Hamish Macbeth I recall, where I think Hamish and a girl were waiting at a small fully open/uncovered Terminus Station, presumably supposed to be in his village of Lochdubh and a 1 or 2 carriage sprinter train came in, don't know where they filmed that, but it could...
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    Trains in movies

    Yes, I noticed that too.
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    Chilterns Bicester North rolling stock

    All being well I shall be travelling on Chiltern on a Thursday from Marylebone at 1340 or 1440 to Bicester North. Returning on a Monday on the 1203 or 1216 services. Does anyone know what type of rolling stock will be used for these trains? Tks.
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    Ex LNER (and Grand Central) Mark 4 sets for TfW

    What routes would they do?