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    Strange train at Honeybourne

    I was travelling on GWR from Worcester to Reading on Wed 16 June and when passing through Honeybourne, I noticed a strange looking 3 or 4 carriage train in, I think, TFW grey/red livery, on a siding, could it have been one of the old district line trains that were being changed to battery or...
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    Avanti West Coast Seat Map

    Hi, All being well, I may be travelling from London to Accrington, probably via Preston & returning from Preston to London in December. I recall reading that when the route changed to Avanti, they no longer showed seat maps, unlike Virgin WC & LNER, does anyone know if that is still the...
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    Notice in toilets on EMT/MML 125s

    I just had a return trip from STP to Nottingham using intercity 125 stock which were very good indeed. Did some of the carriages for EMT come from Virgin? I ask, because when using the look, although there were no audible announcements, there was a note, saying words to the effect of, as well...
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    On Train & Railway Station Announcements

    I had thought that most of the On Train & Railway Station Announcements were all computer generated and the voices heard were made artificially, but when I was listening to radio two last week, they had the lady who does these announcements in for an interview. Which was interesting. It seems...
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    Private Railways Shown on National Rail Maps

    Good morning, I have just picked up the latest edition of the London Rail & Tube services and London & South East Rail service map and as I have noticed before, this does show the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, the Spa Valley Railway & The Bluebell Railway, all of which have connections with NR...
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    Ticket issuing oddities

    Good morning, I have just booked a trip from London to Brum for four of us. As my mate's brother in law has never been on a Pendalino before, we are going up on a weekday on the 1003 from Eus with VTWC and coming back on Chiltern from BMO to MYB on the 1555 which I hope is going to be loco...
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    Uckfield line improvements

    I note that some platforms on the Uckfield line are being extended to allow for ten carriage trains to come into service which should make commuting a bit more comfortable. As this route is operated by diesel units, I was wondering where the extra coaches will be coming from.? I think at...
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    Railway Timetable Info

    Good evening, I am not sure if this is in the correct thread, feel free to move this elsewhere if necessary. Can anyone advise me who works out the timetables for railway routes, is it the individual TOCs or Network Rail working with the TOCs. Who has the final say in timings/routings...
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    Chiltern Mainline

    Good evening, Does anyone know if, bad weather excepted, the new main line services from Marylebone to Brum & Rtn are running OK now, I think when the new timetables came in last Sept there were some teething problems. I'd like to try out the loco hauled services which I think may only run...
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    Platform 17 at Clapham Junction

    Good evening, I may be travelling with my small, elderly mother from Milton Keynes to Shepperton next week, it's more convenient to use the Southern direct service although it is so much slower than it used to be. Does anyone know if there is a lift on Platform 17 at CLJ?. I can ask the...
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    I went to Brighton last Friday, I have not been there for many years. When I was leaving on the 1519 train, I noticed a small green diesel shunting type loco just outside the station. I just wondered what that is used for? It's interesting too the different type of rolling stock that is...
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    Uk rail atlas

    Can anybody advise if there is a UK rail atlas that shows closed, disused railway lines/routes-stations, as well as lines taht are in use now. I have the "quails trackmaps" and the 11 th edition of Mr Bakers UK rail atlas, but these only show existing routes and preserved lines etc. Many tks Steve.