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    Orient Express Film & Norway Query TV Films

    Good morning, 1. I was watching a 1985 film "Romance on the Orient Express" not for the content of the film, but for the rail scenes, which were very good. It was following the journey of the VSOE from Venice to Paris, (with onward travel on the train for London, I presume then via Calais...
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    Steam Railway in Banking Advert and Summer Wine

    1. I saw a re run of Last of the Summer Wine a week or so ago. It was the one where Clegg, Foggy & Compo visited the so called reopening of a local branch line, it was the KWVR, (Quite away from Holmfirth where most of the series was filmed, so not really local) My Question is, does anyone know...
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    Rail Trips Channel 5

    I Watched a TV programme last week on C5, that featured the Northern Belle going on a steam trip from Preston, along the LNWR to Carlisle, then back via the SCR, hauled by Princess Elizabeth. I was just wondering if anyone knows when it was filmed, I thought that it was an old repeat, but some...
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    Railway land / scenes in The Professionals

    I was watching an episode yesterday of the old ITV series, The Professionals called, "Susie" which was made I think in 1982. It ended with scenes based on a large looking rail / marshalling yard, presumably in the London area, with various old carriages, wagons etc, one of them I noticed had...
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    To The Manor Born Railway episode-Where was it filmed?

    Hi, I was watching an old episode (1981?) of "To The Manor Born" recently, this was about the proposed closure of the local railway station, which in the programme was called, I think, Marlbury? I was wondering if anyone knows where the train and station shots where filmed.? Some of the...
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    Does anyone want a load of used railtickets

    Does anyone want a load of used railtickets? I was saving these for a student in a collage who was collecting tickets, but I lost the his details they are mainly SWT/SWR with a few others, no charge, apart from maybe postage? Thanks Steve
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    SR Maunsell Carriages

    I recently purchased a couple of SR Maunsell carriages, they were not too expensive and the detailing on them is very good indeed. I was wondering what era they would be from, they look fairly modern, but before MK1, MK2 etc. They are side corridor compartments, but also with doors into each...
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    Fair prices for 00 Mallard & Princess Elizabeth

    Good morning, I would like to buy a non digi 00 gauge, Hornby or similar, LNER Mallard (Blue) and LMS Princess Elizabeth, (LMS Maroon.) A local shop does has had a Hornby Mallard at £ 100.00, is that a fair price? I have seen it on the web recently for a pre order Railroad range at about...
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    Hornby llanfair pg wagon

    A few weeks ago, I was in North Wales and alled into the big retail shop by LLanfair PG Station. I did not see them on sale, but someone purchased from there a 00 gauge Hornby model of a good wagon with the full name of that famous town with the longest name. I have looked this model up...
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    Mallard 75th Anniversary Model

    Good morning, I noticed in a retail outlet near me, that they were selling the 75th Anniversary oo Gauge model of Mallard for GBP £ 100.00. Does that still sound a fair price for that particular item? Thanks.
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    Is there a Model Shop in Brighton?

    2 or 3 years ago, I was in Brighton and there was a small model shop in Queens Road Brighton, not far from there station. Does anyone know if it's still there? Tks.
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    Does any wants some UK & Overseas tickets ?

    I have around a dozen or so, UK normal NR tickets, plus a few UK & European heritage tickets. If anyone wants them, I will post them to the first person in the UK who PMs me. Rgds Stevieboy1.
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    Model Railway Loft

    Is Model Railway Loft still in business, I have bought odds and ends from them in the past, but I can not seem to find their website now. I think they are or were in Derbyshire. Also, do Hornby still make 4th Radius curve OO Gauge track? Tks.
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    Hornby OO Couplings

    Have Hornby recently changed the size of their couplings on 00 stock.? My friend kindly bought me a Railroad BR MK1 Composite Coach M 15625, & I went to run it on my layout earlier, but when I took it out of the box, the couplings was much smaller than the usual, which are about an inch wide...
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    Model Shops & Pubs in the B'ham area

    Good morning, All being well, this coming Monday, I have splashed out the huge fare of 50p return from London to B'ham! I was wondering if there are any good railway model shops in the City Centre or maybe a short local train, tram or bus ride away.? I know there is an Ian allen shop...
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    Model Shops in Ealing?

    Good morning, I may have to go to Ealing, West London this weekend. Does anyone know if there are any model shops there, or nearby? Many Thanks.
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    Chingford model rail show Sat 27 July

    I may be going to the Chingford model rail show this Sat 27 July. I do not know the area at all. Does anyone know if there are places to eat and drink around lunch time in Chingford town centre? I think the rail show is in the RBL Hall in Hall lane on the 444 bus route. tks.
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    Twickenham Model railway Exhibtion

    Good evening, Many, many years ago I was taken by my father to a really good model railway exhibition 2 or years in succession, but I can not remember who organised this or where the venue was. I think it used to be held in Jan/Feb or March. Does anyone remember these events and does...
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    Class 110 DMUs

    Good morning, I notice that Modelzone, Hornby & some other retailers are advertising a 3 coach, OO guage Class 101 DMU. Does anyone know if there is a similar Class 110 OO gauge available?, also are there any OO models of the HDL Hastings narrow bodied units around?. Tks Steve.
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    Base board for 00 gauge layout

    Good evening, As previously mentioned here, I am just getting back into model railways again after a very long break. I am going for 00 Gauge, Hornby/Bachmann etc. The only place I can have a layout is the garage, lucky for me we don't drive a car so there is space there. What would you...