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  1. Kentish Paul

    395s today.

    Just back from a walk over the Canterbury line as Ashford. Saw that both 1J45 (15:43 Ashford to St Pancras) and 1J42 (15:52 Ashford to Margate) were 12 cars. Is this a bank holiday weekend thing or normal for a Sunday? Also Open time trains showed 1J42 departing from platform 4 as against 6...
  2. Kentish Paul

    Best Aircon ?

    Travelled a bit in the last month and found train aircon varies widely. Worst was a GWR HST which had 4 out of 8 coaches with failed aircon (on a 30c day). The best have been class 395s. Coming back from London last night was heaven. OK many classes not travelled on but such as class 378 and...
  3. Kentish Paul

    Semaphore signals near London.

    Took my first trip to Greenford from Paddington yesterday and was surprised to see semaphores in operation in the Greenford area. All controlled by Greenford East signal box with good old wires ! Anything similar this close to London ?
  4. Kentish Paul

    Rarely used points and crossovers.

    I have often wondered about these rarely used bits of track. I am mainly thinking about the emergency crossovers on HS1 and the crossovers in Stratford International. Are they tested every now and then to make sure all the relevant bits are still working? I ask because the amount of rust on the...
  5. Kentish Paul

    XC on signals.

    Seen this on the last signal from the Canterbury line at Ashford. It's a double yellow with XC in the box. Seen it before on the western approach from Tonbridge. What does it mean?
  6. Kentish Paul

    Strange destination.

    Just been checking for my next trip to Castle Cary from AFK (Ashford International). Used the GWR website as i do not like the southeastern one since it changed. After putting in all the basics the next screen with the overall view shows the destination as Glastonbury (Castle Cary)! Only when...
  7. Kentish Paul

    Rolling stock Liverpool St to Chingford.

    Will be heading out to Chingford tomorrow. What can I expect after my zoom up from Ashford on a 395?
  8. Kentish Paul

    Class 37 and Class 375.

    Just seen a class 37 towing a class 375 waiting at the last signal on the approach to Ashford from the Canterbury line. There were no barrier wagons. Can a class 37 couple directly to a 375 with some sort of adapter? It left a few minutes after I continued walking. What a fantastic sound. :D
  9. Kentish Paul

    Southeastern circular services

    Took a trip from Ashford to Margate yesterday (via Canterbury). At Margate I noticed that the clockwise "rounder" service was listed as terminating at Folkstone West. This seems odd as when I joined the same service at Folkstone Central (last week) it was advertised as a St Pancras service. I...
  10. Kentish Paul

    Hayes (Kent) branch. Strange 4th rail.

    Travelled the Hayes branch for the first time yesterday. On the way back to Elmers End I noticed what looked like a mini conductor rail at West Wickham. It caught my eye as it was on the platform side of the running rails. On further examination it was of smaller section than the normal "3rd...
  11. Kentish Paul

    Ashford Int to Eastbourne 15th August.

    I notice that on Saturday 15th August the hourly Ashford to Brighton service goes no further than Hastings. There is then a 4 minute connection for the onward trip to Eastbourne. I suspect its something to do with the Eastbourne airshow although on the sunday the through trains run even...
  12. Kentish Paul

    Ashford International 7 car stop signs.

    Maybe I have been blind for the past few months but I noticed these signs at the down end of platforms 5 & 6 yesterday. They are 1 carrige length behind the 8 car stop but as 7 car 375 formations have been stopping at the 8 car stop board for years why have these appeared? Also why do 11 car...
  13. Kentish Paul

    Speeds on HS1

    Had the fastest run home last night. Left Stratford International on time at 18:49 and ran nonstop to Ashford International to be slowed to a crawl before the Ashford tunnel at 19:12 as the 19:13 had not left platform 5 which we arrived at. Not sure why as we normally arrive on platform 6...
  14. Kentish Paul

    10:29 Yeovil Juntion to Waterloo

    Travelled on this today. Overall great jouney but sent onto the slow lines between Farnbourgh and Brookwood for no apparent reason. Lost 7 minutes. Anyone have any answers?
  15. Kentish Paul

    SWT use the TRAINLINE

    With reference to my previous post about SWT Advances. Just received my credit card bill for the purchase and it says "THE Rail season A" Thats it !! Phoned SWT and a very nice guy apologised and said it all goes through the TRAINLINE and no booking fees are charged. This is true...
  16. Kentish Paul

    SWT Advances

    Hi all, Have just booked (and received) first class advance from Waterloo to Yeovil Junction on 7th June. Cost (with senior railcard) £13.20. Excellent. However, as i'm travellig from Ashford International I was wondering why there were no SWT+connection advances available. I know...
  17. Kentish Paul

    HS1 station signal "OFF" indicators

    I've noticed that the domestic platforms at Ebbsfleet International and Stratford International have signal "OFF" indicators. This seems odd as there are no conventional signals, no platform staff and the driver self dispatches using the carriage fitted cameras. (The on board manager playing...
  18. Kentish Paul

    ATO Rules for drivers?

    Recently watched a train arrive at a station which I know to be operating under ATO (Automatic Train Operation). The driver was standing behind the center cab window as the train pulled up to the stop. Is this allowed or does the driver have to sit at the controls when ATO is in operation? It...
  19. Kentish Paul

    St Pancras International Barriers (SE side)

    Arrived this morning on the 10:43 ex Ashford International. On arrival at STP i walked slowly down the platform (having travelled in coach 11 of 12). to let the crowds clear. When I got to the barrier it was three or four people deep. It appeared that hardly anyones ticket was working the...
  20. Kentish Paul

    Day trip to Brighton.

    An unusual announcment on th 10:33 Ashford International to Brighton yesterday. Already impressed with the conductor who when checking my ticket used a proper clip leaving a neat circular hloe in the ticket, and made perfect announcments. However on leaving St Leonards Warrior Square he...