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    Good morning, All being well I shall be travelling via Wimbledon Railway Station later this week, with more luggage than usual. I have heard that due to CV, the lifts there have been taken out of action? Does anyone know if that is true? if so, I shall take plan B. Thanks Steve.
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    Welland, Harringworth & Bennerley Viaduct (s)

    Good morning, after watching a recent TV programme about the Welland Viaduct, I was wondering if it is also known as the Harringworth viaduct? are they one and the same structure, or are they 2 different viaducts? I don't think the line these are on is very busy these days? The same programme...
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    Shepperton Station Track Works

    I have noticed at Shepperton station on SWR, they seem to have taken up the track opposite the platform which is some times used as train storage or for shunting etc? I wonder if anyone knows why they have done that and if there are plans to rebuild the 2nd platform. I think there have been...
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    Alnmouth Railway Station.

    Good evening. All being well I shall be meeting a tour group at Alnmouth Railway Station later this year. My train however gets in about 1100 hrs, two hours before the rest of the group arrives. Does anyone know if there is a cafe or pub on, or very close to the station,? Otherwise I presume...
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    Any chance of new platforms at King's Cross with the new franchise?

    As the new franchise holder is planning a number of new routes from Kings Cross, is there now any chance of more new platforms at K.X. I would have thought when the recent refurb was done there would have been an opportunity to do this, there is/was quite a bit of space betwenn KX & STP stations...
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    Hampton Court & Cheam Railway Stations

    I was having a local day our yesterday using my travel card. one train I took was from Hampton Court Station which I have never used before. I departed from platform 2, which, from looking at it's track does not seem to be used so much. I can see that there was a third platform but the track...
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    East Coast Or MML Engineering works Aug Bank Holiday

    Good morning, feel free to move this into another section if necessary. I may be going up to York to do a couple of main line steam train trips on the Sun & Mon of the August Bank Holiday weekend. Does anyone know if there will be any engineering works that may affect my main line journeys up...
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    Twickenham Station building

    It looks like there have been a number of renovations in recent months at Twickenham Railway Station, party owing to the need to lengthen the platforms, but I also see that they seem to have relaid track in unused platform 2, but not at platform one, both of which were bay platforms and I guess...
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    Templecoombe Station

    Has there been a rebuild at Templecoombe Station fairly recently. I Went through there a couple of days ago, and it looks like they have extended the unused platform forward and passengers in either direction now get out that side and have to go over a footbridge to reach the main side of the...
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    Exeter St. David's

    I May have a tight connection this coming Friday 03 May at Exeter St David's. Does any one know which platform the SWT arrives there from Waterloo(ETA 1142.) and which platform XC & FWR Depart for Newton Abbot? I am hoping it may be a quick cross platform change, rather than a sprint over...