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    Liverpool Riverside Station

    Having just read an item about the now closed Liverpool Riverside Station which was most interesting, I was wondering what has happened with the 2 tunnels that went there and another to Park Lane Goods. These being Waterloo, Victoria and Wapping Tunnels. Doany stubs of these remain for any...
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    Long Marston Bulleid and Stanier coaches in the 1970s/80s

    Mod Note: Thread split from here. What a lovely picture, (I wonder what the dark green looking unit is on the far right hand side with white front window?)
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    A couple of questions re London to Manchester Trains

    Good Morning, I have a couple of questions about London to Manchester. 1. I was listing to a radio programme the other evening and it started off with an announcement of a train going to Manchester, I presume from Euston, calling at Milton Keynes Central, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Stockport...
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    Old Rail Magazines

    A very kind friend of mine, just gave me half a dozen "Steam Railway" magazines dated 1985 & 1986....I have only started to glimpse at them but already they seem quite facinating. Topics covered include the possible closure of the Settle Carslisle line which of course thankfully did not...