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    Southern region Double Decker OO Models

    OK, thank you for that info, I shall follow it up.
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    Southern region Double Decker OO Models

    Good evenig, does any one know, if there were and OO or HO gauge models made of the Southern region Double Decker trains that used to operate on some of the South Eastern Suburban lines from the late 1950s to the early 1970s? Thanks Steve.
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    Hornby CrossCountry HST Power Cars

    As well as the above mentioned firms, have you tried Hattons in Merseyside?
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    Rails of Sheffield Fire

    Sorry to see this, hope no one hurt and any businesses affected will get back and running asap.
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    32mm 0 gauge?? Garden railway...What do I have??

    Sorry for your loss. Try contacting this Auctioneer website, a neighbour of mine lost her father a year or so ago and he had loads and loads of railway models, locos etc, they got good prices. WARWICKANDWARWICK.COM [email protected] +44 (0) 1926 499031
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    Model of LSWR Gate Stock

    Don't worry, I have a thick skin. Take care.
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    Model of LSWR Gate Stock

    Ok, thanks, I must have missed that one.
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    Model of LSWR Gate Stock

    One of the Model Railway firm has just emailed me about items they put on sale. LSWR Gate Stock. I have not heard of that before, what was it and were did it run. I tried googling but apart from the models, I could not find much else about it. Tks Steve.
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    Hornby Collector Club Models

    Ok, thank you, yes I imagine The Queen Elizabeth II model must have been in relation to her 80th birthday.
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    Hornby Collector Club Models

    A friend of mine who is altering and converting his 00 gauge railway, kindly gave me some of his unwanted models, which was very kind of him. Two are by Collector Club, is there anything extra special about these? they are; R3775 Network Rail 0 4 0 diesel shunter 2019 collector club by Railroad...
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    Second Hand Model Railway

    Thanks for that. :)
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    Second Hand Model Railway

    Ok, thank you very much for the advice etc, I shall inform my friend. Steve.
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    Second Hand Model Railway

    A friend of mine is clearing a late relation's house and there is a load of model railway odds and ends there. Seems to be O gauge or a bit larger. He asked me where he could dispose of it. I know Rails of Sheffield and may be Hattons are worth a try. Does anyone know of anywhere else? Tks. Steve
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    Vienna Model Shops

    I should be quite interested in the answer to this question as I am considering going to Vienna in the not too distant future too. I do have some Austrian made, Lilliput Carriages which are very well made.
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    Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city

    Thought so. Does he have connections with Flying Scotsman and or the GCR?
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    Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city

    Yes Jools Holland has an interest in Railways, I think I recently read that in the Radio Times, I think Pete Waterman does too?
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    New model railway shop opens

    Nice to see this, hope it does well.
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    Question about TS2019 Mk3a

    Welcome. Have you looked on Ebay? It's amazing what comes up on there sometimes.
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    Posting 00 models without the original boxes.

    Janes Trains in Tooting sell boxes I think. When I have received railway odds and ends, locos/carriages etc from via Ebay, they have been well wrapped, lots of bubble wrap and newspaper too.