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    RHB Swiss Query

    Hi, Hopefully, when things improve, I may be going on a small group tour to Switzerland, based in Chur, then Brig. We will be doing full trips from Chur to Tirano and St. Moritz, but will also have free days with full Swiss Passes or Interail cards. I was looking into travelling from Chur to...
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    Trains in Mexico

    I was watching a TV Programme on Channel 5 this weekend about El Chepe Train which runs along part of the route from Chihuahua in the centre of the country to Los Mochis for its port on the Pacific Ocean. There seem to be 2 services, a regular passenger train along the whole route and a higher...
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    NS Dutch ticketing query

    Good morning, all being well I hope to be travelling to the Netherlands in a few months. Whilst there, I may want to travel from Amsterdam Lelylaan to Den Haag, I have looked on NS website, there seem to be some direct trains, otherwise change at AMS Airport, they quote a fare of 11.20 Euro...
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    Vienna Transport and things to do there

    Hi. I Am thinking of having a long weekend in Vienna towards the end of March. I have been checking out how to get to the city centre from the Airport and also rover style travel cards for 3 days. I have found one online for about 72 hours which includes all 3 train services. Obb. S7 and CAT...
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    Buying rail Tickets to Germany at St. Pancras

    Can you buy through rail tickets to Germany in person at St. Pancras Railway Station?
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    Visiting Nuremberg and possibly Vienna

    Hi, I was reading an article in one of the weekend newspapers about Nuremberg, it looked to be quite an interesting destination. Has anyone been there? if so, what was it like, is there enough to do for a 2 or 3 day stay. I was already thinking of going to Vienna next year and I think I could...
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    Direct Boat Trains Calais to Brussels?

    Did there used to be direct trains Calais to Brussels?. Years ago, in the early to mid 1970s my aunt & uncle visited my cousin who was living at the time in Brussels travelling by trains and boat. I assumed that they would have gone via the longer Dover/Ostend Sealink crossing, but it seems...
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    Canfranc Station TV Programme

    I just saw that there will be a programme, tonight at 20.00hrs on the "Yesterday" TV Channel, about Canfranc Station near the French / Spanish Border in the Pyrenees. It used to be a huge / busy station at one time. Not so busy now, but possibly getting better services again in the future?
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    Catering on Long Distance Dutch Trains

    Good afternoon, all being well I shall be visiting the Netherlands later this year, hopefully using the new Late morning Eurostar service direct to Rotterdam or maybe Amsterdam, changing there to go onto Groningen, where we change again to a local train to Veendam. The journey to Groningen is...
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    Carriage / train formation map/plan Gleis 3 Dresden HBF

    Good afternoon. I just wondered if there is anywhere on the web, to find a Carriage / train formation map/plan for Gleis 3 Dresden HBF? Last time I went from there on a weekday, I got a bit confused at the last minute, so it would be useful to have more knowledge in advance. I would be...
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    Train Ferries in Europe

    Hi, I was reading an article about a train ferry in Italy which mentions that there are only three train ferries in operation now in Europe, I think I can think of 2, one is from Southern Italy and another goes from Germany to Denmark, (Rodby/Putgarten), but I can not think of any other. (I...
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    Railways In Jordan

    I was watching a Travel Programme about Jordan a few days ago and it showed a steam hauled passenger train, I think in the Wadi Rum area in the South. I was wondering if there are any Passenger or freight services that operate in Jordan? I was there in the mid 1980's and remember seeing bits...
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    Berlin OstBhf, is there engineering work

    Hi, I was just looking on DB website at trains in the next month or so from Koln to Berlin OstBhf & VV and there do not seem to be any direct services at the moment. I know there used to be a couple of years ago as I travelled on them. Some services seem to be going to Berlin Gesundbrunnen via...
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    Dutch Trains and Trams

    Good Morning, I just came back from a few days in The Netherlands and whilst there I needed to travel from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, as I did not have too much time, I chose to travel on the High Speed Line, saving af about 30 minutes over the traditional route via the Hague. There was a small...
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    Dutch Trams

    Hi, I may be having some spare time in Amsterdam and or the Hague for 1 day in a month or so. Can you buy with cash, tram tickets on the day to the tram drivers? Are there day passes as well as singles? Thanks.
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    Train Ferries?

    Apart from the Night Ferry service from London to Paris & Brussels, were there ever any other through services from the UK to Europe where the train, with passengers on board, went across on the ferry? I think the only ones left now are from Northern Germany to Denmark, (Rodby?) and in...
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    Churchill Trains Canada

    I heard that the Long Distance trains to Churchill in Canda may be stopping, does anyone know if that is correct and if so, is it a temporary halt. I know that is a popular route for people wanting to see polar bears.
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    Inland railway Sweden

    Good morning, All being well I shall be going to Norway & Sweden soon and one of the trips I am doing is on the Inland Railway in Sweden, has anyone done this trip and does the train reverse direction anywhere en route. I was looking at a rail map and it does appear to show that a reversal may...
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    Old Paris Stations

    I was watching a TV Programme, set I think in the late 1940s, in France/Belgium. The Gare D'Orsay was mentioned and recreated. I was just wondering where trains to that station and also the Gare D'Invalides went to and from? Would I be correct in thinking that these two stations/routes are...
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    Berlin Public Transport

    Good morning, Does anyone know if Berlin Tegel airport and Spandau are in their zones A or B.? I have looked at maps on the internet and teh ones I could find are not too clear. I may be going from a Friday to Tuesday, so five days, there fore it may be better to get a week travel pass to...