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    NECTAR Card on TOCs

    Good morning, Do any trail firms still give Nectar points when booking online,? I know LNER have stopped and I think SWR have too, I thought that GWR & XC used to but can not see any reference on their websites, I may also be using TPE & Northern later this summer if we are allowed to travel...
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    Does the West Yorkshire day ticket offer Railcard discounts?

    Good Evening, does any one know if there is a day ticket that one can buy at Bradford Foster Square Railway Station? I may need to do a trip, Bradford Foster Square to Saltaire, then Saltaire to Wakefield West Gate via Leeds and LNER on 15 June, with a senior rail card I can do that for £ 5.55...
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    BRADFORD FSq. To Ribblehead & return Via Saltaire

    Good afternoon, all being well, I will being staying in Bradford in Mid July and would like to do the following journey, using my Senior Rail card, I wish to break the journey in the morning for an hour or so at Saltaire. Would the following trains be ok using a day return fare of £10.80. Brad...
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    Shepperton to Finsbury Park fare query

    Good morning, All being well, I hope to travel from Shepperton to Finsbury Park and return the same day on 26 May, I have a senior railcard. Ideally I want to avoid the Underground and was thinking of travelling from Shepperton to Waterloo on SWR, then go across to London Bridge on SER and go...
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    LNER Perks

    Hi, I just an email from LNER about a "Perks" System, has anyone joined ? I presume it is a bit like the old frequent traveller scheme which then was taken over by nectar, then suspended I think?
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    Shepperton to Exeter Via Waterloo LSWR Routes

    Good evening, I am hoping, if we are allowed, to have a couple of nights in Exeter to meet a friend just before Christmas, perhaps Tue to Thurs 15-17 Dec. As I live in SWR land, it makes sense to go on the Waterloo/Exeter Central services, I know GWR may be quicker, but by the time I have gone...
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    Buying Senior Railcard

    Good Morning, All being well, I shall be 60 in early October and am looking to purchase the Senior Railcard, one of the perks of getting older. I see that it costs £ 30.00 for one year, or £70.00 for 3 years if bought online which I would do. How far in advance can I buy this card, I just...
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    Disabled Railcard fare query

    Good Morning, a friend has recently been issued with a disabled persons railcard. We may be travelling in May from Kings Cross to Newcastle upon Tyne and back from Durham, plus a day trip to York from Newcastle. He has told me that he would get 1/3 off most fares and said that as I will be...
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    Shepperton to Sheerness day return fare

    Good morning, I am planning to travel on a Saturday in Mid October from Shepperton SHP to Sheerness on Sea SSS, using a day return fare with a Network South East Card discount. Has there been a small fare increase in recent weeks.? When I was checking this journey a few weeks ago, the fare...
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    Shepperton Petersfield Chichester fare query

    Good morning, All being well I need to Travel in a few weeks time from Shepperton to Petersfield and Chichester. Going out on a Monday afternoon, back the next day, Tuesday afternoon. I Do have a Network South East Card. I have found a return fare of £ 27.00 Shepperton/Chichester, would...
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    Shepperton to London Vic / Kenny O

    Hi, all being well I may need to travel from Shepperton to London Victoria before 0700 hrs on a Saturday, returning the same day around 2100hours. I have a Network SouthEast Card. The SWR site says a return fare seems to be around £ 9.10, (There is a cheaper one about £ 7.00, but that does not...
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    London to Newcastle upon Tyne

    Good morning, all being well I hope to be going to Newcastle upon Tyne from Shepperton via London later this year. I normally get a single from Shepperton to Waterloo and contactless to KGX & and the same in reverse, then the cheapest single from KGX to Newcastle, I was hoping for a good 1st...
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    First Class Declassified query

    Is one allowed to travel in 1st class, with a Standard class ticket on the 458 units which sometimes operate to Shepperton?
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    Shepperton To Blackfriars fare

    Hi, all being well. I will need to travel from Shepperton (SHP) To Blackfriars on a Saturday for the day. I have a network south east card and plan to travel around 0900 hrs changing from SWR to Thameslink at Wimbledon. Will it be ok to buy a SHP to London Terminals ticket at £ 8.85 for that...
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    Shepperton to Ely/Cambridge

    Good morning, all being well I need to travel from Shepperton SHP to Ely, in Mid to Late September, outbound on a Friday to get there by 1245 ish. The return will be from Cambridge main station on the following Tuesday about 1445ish. I have two queries. I do have a NSE card and I could...
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    Print at Home Tickets

    Good morning, Have the TOCs stopped the Print at Home Tickets facility in recent months? I have done bookings with Virgin East and West Coast and Chiltern all of whom I am sure I have been able to print at home in the past, but this option was not offered. I selected to collect at my local...
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    Fare oddity Shepperton to K. Olympia

    Hi, all being well I shall be travelling on a Saturday on the 1010 am train from Shepperton to Clapham Junction on SWR & connect onto London Overground or Southern to Kensington Olympia, returning early the same afternoon. I have a Network South East Card. I was looking into seeing if it...
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    Edinburgh Days Out travel pass

    Good morning, All being well I shall be spending a few days in Edinburgh and I just saw on Scotrail that there is a 2 day Edinburgh Day out rail pass for £ 18.00 I am staying at a hotel in the Edinburgh Park Area and was wondering if there is a ticket office at that station as it does not...
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    Scotrail Rover tickets

    Good morning, are there day passes and or longer passes still issued by Scotrail. I could not see anything on their website.? All being well I will be in Edinburgh later this month and intend to go on the Line to Tweedbank and maybe to North Berwick the same day, possibly to Lochgelly too, I...
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    Problems booking a ticket from Shepperton to Tonbridge via Waterloo

    Can anybody help me with getting the best fare for this, I am getting odd results from the new SWT/SWR and Southeastern websites. I will be travelling from Shepperton on SW to Waterloo to join a SER train from Waterloo to Tonbridge. I do have a network SE Card. It shows an Off Peak fare...