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    end of southern steam railtour photos 9.7.2019

    Nice Photos, thanks for posting. I wonder why it was an hour late? (Nice to see the 442 as well.)
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    Flying Scotsman - Farewell to Alan Pegler Rail tour

    I think this shows in UK railtours website now>
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    The Torbay Express..5029 Nunney Castle..20/07/14

    That is a really good film, nice to see steam on that line again.
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    Media images of Railway this week

    Thank you, I did guess it must have been done of one of the preserved railways and thought it may have been the Epping Line. (I think the Great Central did have a similar ex southern region 4 car unit, but I think it may have damaged up there.) --- old post above --- --- new post below ---...
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    Media images of Railway this week

    1. I wondered where the filming took place of the Advert on BBC for their I-Player, it features a slam door electric train in Network South East livery at what seems to be a sleepy country station and when the train seems to pull out, it looks line Southern Railway Signage at the the Station...
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    The West Highlander - 4 days of Video

    Great Videos here, yes it was a really superb trip. :D
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    The British Military Train

    Good pictures. I heard about this train over the weekend on the BBC News. I thought it was steam hauled? Who were the lucky passengers out of interest?. what was the route?