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    Yellow Hand Signal?

    Just a quick one. A yellow hand signal is used for authority to pass a signal at danger. Question, do you also get verbal authority to go along with it or purely just the yellow hand signal?
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    Americans and their guns

    With all the trouble guns bring their country...why? Just why?
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    Freightliner (HH) Mobile Groundstaff Salary?

    Hi, Anyone know the Salary and basic T&Cs for the role in the link below? Cheers
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    Bill Paxton (actor) RIP

    American actor Bill Paxton passed away yesterday. . Quite liked his new TV series Training Day.
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    Wembley Yard

    This is more a question for those staff that have been there but does anyone know if there is road access to the Harlesden end of Wembley yard? Do you have to go through the royal mail complex or is it a case of parking up along pendolino way and walk the rest? I think I have to sort a train...
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    Sir John Hurt

    Sir John Hurt has passed away today...
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    Person up OLE gantry ATHERSTONE 28-10-16

    Reports received person up an OLE gantry in the ATHERSTONE area. All trains currently stopped.
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    What wrong with people.

    Reading report of a person having thrown a cat and some kittens in front of a train on the Great Yarmouth branch.
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    Ronnie Corbett: RIP

    True comic legend gone....RIP
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    Colchester Signal Box Evacuated

    Seems the fire alarm has gone off in the box. Box evacuated and all trains at a stand!
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    Random Question: Number plates

    Evening all, I know you can display a national flag on the left side of the plate, but does anyone know if it is legal to also display an image on the right side as well? Thanks GB
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    Another container comes off train....

    40ft empty container has become dislodged from 4Z33 Felixstowe - Doncaster some where on the joint line. Line blocked with a fair bit of damage done.
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    GBRf open data?

    Looking at the Ipswich rail cam diagrams as well as RTT today and GBRf services are displaying their correct train ID and not the scrambled ID you usually get. Is this a new thing and will Freightliner follow suit?
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    GBRf vacancies...Closing Date 31st October

    Freight Train Managers – Various Locations (see below) Salary: circa £50k basic Closing date: 31st October 2014 Hours: 35 hours per week The train driver vacancies are in the following locations: Bardon Hill - Job reference: 130 East Midlands - Job reference: 131 West Midlands - Job...
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    WCML Problems?

    Anyone aware of any problems around the Milton Keynes - Tring area? Looking at OTT and nothing seems to be moving. Edit. Seems on the move now with delays.
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    Sand trains on Monk Bretton branch

    GBRf have a sand train from Middleton Towers to Monk Bretton.
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman: RIP

    A great actor gone but not forgotten:(
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    Incident at Newark Northgate? (22 January)

    ..anyone know any more about it? Trains currently running upto 90 minutes late through the area. Edit: Appears someone hit by a train.
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    Smugmug help.

    Hello all. Would anyone be able to tell me how to set my gallery homepage to "collage landscape"...assuming its possible. Ive managed to do it for the pictures within the individual galleries and the site homepage but can't figure out how to change the actual gallery homepage. Thanks
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    Ipswich Yard Remodeling

    For anyone interested, by this time next year Ipswich yard will be remodeled to add extra freight capacity. This also proves that Network Rail still expect a large number of freight services will still run via London as the new work makes most of the yard "London facing" only.