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    Grand Central trains enquiry

    Good evening, does anyone know if Grand Central have reduced their service from KGX to Bradford, I may be going there for a holiday in July, I see there is a train around 1057 and another around 1600 ish, but I think there was one between these two around 1400 ihs, that does not seem to be on...
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    Lincoln to London direct services

    Good morning, I may be going to Lincolnshire in August, does anyone know if the direct trains by either East Midlands Trains or LNER, will be running by then.? (I Presume the LNER Services are the trains that used to run between LGX & Newark North Gate) Therefore are they likely to be shorter...
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    Loco Hauled Services in 2021 (Hopefully)

    Hi, Does anyone know if the Loco Hauled service that ran on part of the Settle - Carlisle line may be running this year? (I think that train was featured on one of the recent TV programmes with Joanna Lumley.) Do the loco hauled trains still run on the Cumbrian Coast line too, or have they...
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    How do I find where GWR trains from Bristol Parkway orginate

    Good morning, on 20 & 25 Aug I may be travelling from Paddington to Bristol Parkway and return. As I want to use less busy trains and Parkway is not an originating station, (Unlike most trains from Temple Meads).,m how do I find out where the trains from Parkway start from? . I know some come...
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    SWR Waterloo to Bristol Services

    Hi, does anyone know if the direct through trains from Waterloo to Bristol still operate, they used to be combined with the Exeter services and divided / joined at Salisbury.? There were about 3 or 4 services per day Mon-Sat. As I live in SWR land. It is more convenient for me to use that...
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    Chiltern Loco Hauled

    Good afternoon. I would like to travel on the loco hauled services from Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street in the next couple of months on a week day. I would be looking to go on the 1010 or 1110 from London, returning on the 1355 or 1555 from Brum. I think that these services are normally...
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    KGX/Cambridge Ely query

    Good morning, do the fast trains from Kings to Cross to Cambridge/Ely & King's Lynn, still split and attach at the main Cambridge Station or at Cambridge North now and do the fast trains from KGX that only go as far as Ely also split at Cambridge? I may be travelling from Cambridge with a lot...
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    Chiltern Loco Hauled Marylebone-Moor Street

    Good morning, I am thinking of going to to Brum on the loco hauled trains on a weekday. I have not done that for a couple of years and there seem to have been some changes. Going from the thread on this forum, am I correct in assuming that the two trains below from London to Moor St, should...
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    Waterloo to Margate 02 Sept

    Feel free to move this into another section if I have put this question into the wrong area. I am thinking of travelling on the South Eastern Diverted services from/ to Waterloo Main line Station during the refurbishment work this week, and was looking into going to Margate for a day trip...
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    What are the longest distance services Pacers are booked to work?

    Following on from another thread. What is the longest end to end journey that Pacer Units (Nodding Donkeys) do.? I was on one a few days ago from Saltburn on the east coast through to Bishop Auckland and that was just under 90 minutes. It really was nodding when it arrived at Saltburn...
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    E M T (MML) 125 Services

    Good morning, I can see from this forum that EMT still operate a 125 service between London St. Pancras & Leeds, do they still operate 125s on some of their other services, or are they all run with the newer units?
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    Settlle Carlisle Query

    I may be travelling Mid April on the SCR, does anyone know if the line will be reopened all the way by then or is it likely to be bus connection to / from Appleby? tks.,
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    Possible extra services on SWT Sat 15 Aug?

    Does anyone know, if there are some extra trains running from Waterloo to Shepperton via Kingston this coming Saturday afternoon/evening15 Aug via Richmond, it seems to be showing on the Swt website, but nothing showing in the engineering works section. In the Shp towards Wat direction, they...
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    Wessex Electrics Class 442 to Brighton

    Good afternoon, I just wondered if these days there are any 442s, ex Wessex Electric sets that run through to Brighton, I am thinking of going there on a Saturday, picking up/getting off at Clapham Junction. ? 2 or 3 years ago, there were a few 442s that did call at CLJ to Brighton, I just...
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    442 Units to Brighton

    Good morning, I am planning an awayday from Clapham Junction to Brighton, probably on a weekday later this month, have to leave Clapham jct after 1000 owing to Gold card restrictions. Are any services to Brighton & return still formed of the old SWT Wessex electrics class 442 units. I did...
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    Unusal sights at Carlisle and York

    I was in Carlisle & York over the holiday weekend. I was surprised at about 5pm on Sunday to see a 7 coach train consisting of 4 London Midland carriages coupled to 3 FTPE coaches. (I think bother were 350 units.) This formed a service to Manchester Airport, rather an odd combination, the LM...
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    Sunday Loco Hauled Chiltern

    Good morning, This coming Sunday 26 Jan. I may have to travel from Brum to London, does anyone know if Chiltern operate their loco hauled silver trains on Sunday mornings and if so at what time does it leave Snow Hill or Moor Street. ? Many Thanks.
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    July and Aug Possible East Coast alterations ?

    I have heard that there may be engineering works on the East Coast Main Line during the summer, but nothing is shown yet on their website. I wonder if any rail staff have any prior knowledge/info that they are allowed to give out about this...... I am looking to travel to York on Sat 10 Aug...
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    North York Moors Railway

    Does anyone one know if the North York Moors Railway will still be running some through trains to Whitby from Early April onwards.? I heard that there had been an incident at Grosmont last November which affected the line and a bridge on the main line to Whitby, which would have affected NR as well.
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    Olympic railtour alterations

    I see that some railtours at the end of July & first part of August have been postponed owing to Olympic games restrictions. A shame as no doubt like many people I was trying to get away from the Olympics. I wonder if any more railtours will also be postponed etc.