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    Collecting tickets from an unmanned station without a ticket machine

    I have return tickets from Kirkby Stephen to Settle, these were booked via Trainline, but don't have any way of collecting the tickets from the station as it doesn't have an open ticket office or machine for collection. Is it against the law to get on the train as Northern can't provide...
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    Captain Sir Tom Moore has died

    Sadly but not unexpected has been the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore, one of life's true gentlemen:
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    Amazon Telephone Scam

    Has anyone received several recorded message telephone calls supposedly from Amazon, each time demanding that you owe thousands of pounds on your account?
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    Services that have terminated short or diverted to a different destination

    We've all had chaotic journeys where your train has terminated short of it's final destination or diverted to terminate at a different destination, sometimes leaving you with a longer journey home including road transport Hoping to hear your stories
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    Toolbar on Forum not activated on Safari Browser

    Hi there Recently started using my brand new Apple iPad Pro 12.9 and the toolbar containing Bold etc won’t activate, any ideas of how to overcome this? The problem doesn’t occur when using my Samsung Galaxy S20 using the Samsung Internet Browser. Many thanks Tim Young
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    Rail travel during COVID19 outbreak

    Myself and my girlfriend will be travelling to Skegness soon for a weeks holiday. I am registered disabled and my girlfriend will be accompanying me and receiving the reduced fares, do we have to sit separately on the train or as she's my assistance, can she sit next to me or opposite if sat at...
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    Favourite Internet Browser on Android

    Hey guys I’m swapping mobile phones tomorrow from Apple iPhone XS Max to Samsung Galaxy S20 and wondered what’s your favourite browser, especially for viewing RAILUK Forum, fast loading essential.
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    1H94 - 20:38 Carlisle to Manchester Piccadilly

    Can someone advise why this service started at Carlisle and why it’s destination was Manchester Piccadilly when Avanti West Coast don’t normally operate on the Preston to Manchester Piccadilly route?
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    Amusing Railway Tales

    I thought during this dramatic time of the Coronavirus lockdown we need something upbeat and jolly. Share any amusing tales you have from travelling on our wonderful railway system
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    Trivia - Alternative Station Names

    I thought during the dreary times we're all going through during the Coronavirus Outbreak, we need something to give us light relief. I came up with Headstone Lane would be known as Tombstone Lane Elstree & Borehamwood could be Elstree & Boredomwood I hope this will give us a laugh
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    Freightliner Class 86/6 fleet

    Is there any news on the future of the Freightliner Class 86/6 fleet?
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    Moderators, I hope this is in the correct section, if not, please move to the correct section. Does anyone know if 37190 has been sold?
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    WCML InterCity Franchise

    Who are the bidders involved in the West Coast Mainline InterCity Franchise? Which would be the best option?
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    Restrictions of Electric Locos working on Argyle & North Clyde lines

    I’m hoping someone in the knowledge can answer my question? Are there any restrictions on Electric locos working on either the Argyle and North Clyde lines, including branch lines?
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    Blackpool North to Huddersfield

    Good evening I’m travelling from Blackpool North to Huddersfield tomorrow evening, I have a through ticket, that requires a change of train at Preston and Manchester Piccadilly, I have to travel on the 18:47 departure from Preston as I have a reservation on it, the problem is that the...
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    Edinburgh to Carlisle Rail Replacement Bus Sunday 3rd June

    Hi there I wasn’t sure which section to post this in, so please move it to the relevant section Moderators. I’m booked to travel on a Transpennine Express RRB from Edinburgh to Carlisle on Sunday 3rd June, also booked to call at Lockerbie. Journey time is 2 hours 51 minutes to Carlisle. Does...
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    Best transport from Glasgow to Bo’Ness

    I wasn’t sure which section to post this in. I’m going on the SRPS overnight Railtour on the 1st/2nd June. I have got tickets to get me from Blackpool North to Glasgow Central. I’m not very well up on the train and bus services from the Glasgow area to the Bo’Ness & Kinneal Railway, so I’d...
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    Lever Operated Signal Boxes controlling Colour Signals

    I don’t know much about the Signalling systems on the Network Rail network. I was thinking, the likes of Kirkham & Wesham Box had levers, controlling Colour Signals. Was there some mechanism that connected the levers to the electrical circuits? I look forward to the replies.
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    Trivia: Least used Single or Double track line by Passenger or Freight

    What single or double track line is the least used by Passenger or Freight trains?
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    Virgin West Coast - Sunday 30th July 2017

    Could some kind person advise why certain services (Liverpool and Manchester) are being diverted via Northampton, but Birmingham and Wolverhampton services are routed via Weedon? Are there some engineering work being carried out that's restricting the number of services running via Weedon?