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  1. TrainBoy98

    Ticket Splitting - Buses?

    So, with the railways we can ticket split, but I wondered if anyone knows whether the same can be done for buses? I have a Stagecoach Worthing Area ticket, and as this runs to the outskirts of Shoreham, I was wondering whether I'd be allowed to use this to it's limit, then purchase a return...
  2. TrainBoy98

    Worthing to Bournmouth Routing

    Hi all, probably a simple request but can never quite figure out allowed routes... My partner and I want to take our little one to Bournemouth for a couple of days in July. On the way there, obviously Worthing-Southampton Central, then on to Bournemouth is best. But on the way back she wants...
  3. TrainBoy98

    SouthEastern 37x Outside Brighton

    Just seen SouthEastern livered 37x (Think it was 377, but didn't get a close enough look) sitting in a siding outside Brighton station, just wondered if anyone could shed some light on why it's there?
  4. TrainBoy98

    Have Railhead Treatment Trains started and what routes do they cover?

    Where do they all run and how much stock is there set aside for these workings? Has yours started yet as I have copped the first on my line this morning (SN West Coast Way). Unfortuantley I wasnt quick enough to get the full number, but I know it was a Windhoff MPV Master and Slave, dont suppose...
  5. TrainBoy98

    Tube Station for Sale

    Just popped on Yahoo! News and they have an article that says Brompton Road is up for sale. Anyone fancy buying it? Its only £20 (million!) Article here...
  6. TrainBoy98

    Worthing to Brighton on Sat 3rd

    Hi, can anyone help with the cheapest tickets for Worthing to Brighton return on Saturday for 5 adults and 5 children? We have a family railcard if that helps? TIA Callum
  7. TrainBoy98

    Modern day Pacer

    So if Pacers are out by 2019 (I know its not 100%), surely we need something like them, but better, as a replacement? It would have bogies, 2/3 carriages, proper doors, DDA compliancy. (Maybe a toilet for the longer journeys it might end up on?) How about the bus design again? Along the...
  8. TrainBoy98

    What would you like to see in a Railway App?

    Hello, after some comments in this thread: Mum asked her boyfriend if he would help me design and maybe make an app. So I come to you fine people to ask what you would like to see/think would be good for a railway app. One of the things...
  9. TrainBoy98

    Third Rail Insulator

    Hi, I am wondering about something. When I walk home from school, I cross the railway and then walk parallel to it for about 30m. There is the line, then a fence and then the pavement (as shown in diagram). What looks like (and I think is) a third rail insulator on the pavement side of the...
  10. TrainBoy98

    Bardic Lamp

    (Sorry if in wrong place) One of my mums friends works for the railway and has given me an old Bardic Lamp today. I cant seem to find any information on them anywhere so wondered if any of you knew? Also, appearently it changes colour, but mine is only white?
  11. TrainBoy98

    Teaching a lesson about the railways

    Hello all, my science teacher knows about my love of the railways and all things related, and so has asked me to plan and take one of our classes lessons to teach them about the railways. While I know that I will get the p*ss taken out of me for doing it, I couldnt care and I think this is a...
  12. TrainBoy98

    Wedding on the Underground?

    Im having a convosation with my girlfriend about marriage and as she knows I love trains, asked whether it would be possible to have a wedding reception on a tube train. I didnt know the answer but was determined to find out, so, do any of you know whether this is possible? E.g. to hire a tube...
  13. TrainBoy98

    Railway Top Gear?

    *Note to Mods, move this if you want, didnt know where to put it* I was wondering whether it would be possible to have a railway version of top gear? If so, where could it be, and what could be done on the show?
  14. TrainBoy98


    Just wondered if anyone had any pictures or the new 377/6s or any information about them or any changes/differences to the previous sub-classes? TIA
  15. TrainBoy98

    Metrolink Saftey?

    When I went up to Manchester on Saturday (went to Oldam on the new extension and saw some new trams) I noticed that they are quite far from the ground. Wouldnt this be a problem for evacuation as wheelchair users wouldnt be able to get out easily? Later in the day I was headed back to...
  16. TrainBoy98

    Best TOC

    Hi, I was wondering what people think the best TOC is in the UK and their reasons for this. Vote in the poll and then comment your reasons. Thanks (maybe we could all actually come to an aggreement on which ones best...) (Oh and please dont say (for example): Not Northern because they have...
  17. TrainBoy98

    Best Station (London)

    Hi, I was wondering what people think the best station is in London Zone 1 and their reasons for this. This excludes stations on the London Underground and anything else non-National Rail. (See other thread for all other NR stations) Thanks (maybe we could all actually come to an aggreement...
  18. TrainBoy98

    Fare from Worthing [WRH] to East Croydon [ECR]

    Hi, does anyone know the price of a return ticket for 2 adults and 2 children on Monday 6th August (returning same day) leaving WRH at 5:41am and returning anytime (we have a family and friends railcard if that helps?). We asked at the station and the price was over £80, but I wondered if any of...
  19. TrainBoy98

    Blackpool Trams

    Hi, Iwas wondering whether anyone knew what trams would be running on Saturday and what heritage trams Blackpool still run? Thanks.
  20. TrainBoy98


    Hi, does anyone have a comprehensive list of Dual-Voltage trains/locos (if there is any?) that they can post as im trying to get a list for an idea of mine? Thanks, Callum