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    “Do not stand in the aisles!”

    I am sat on 802212 forming the 1215 from Leeds (ex Newcastle) to Liverpool, and the train manager has added something rather odd to his announcement. “Please take a seat and do not stand in the aisles or vestibules. We go through many tunnels so it becomes a safety issue. Please make sure you...

    150s to Portsmouth

    How often do 150s stray to Portsmouth these days? I only ask because 150202 is my last GWR unit for haulage and one unit cannot justify the hefty price of getting down to Exeter :lol: I live a short(ish) train ride from Havant and Cosham, so if I can get it this way I’d be happy I know they...

    Class 345 & 710 visibility in TOPS/Trust?

    Hi Am I right in thinking that the allocations for TFL Rail and Overground stock are inaccessible? Apart from one 395 and two 720s (the rest haven’t entered service yet), twenty-five Class 345s and eight 710s make up the only required units I need within the whole of the travelcard zone. The...

    EMR 180 at Doncaster Works

    Hi, Does anyone know why 180110 is parked at Doncaster Works? No wonder it’s never out!

    Class 323 Transfer WMT to Northern - which units are not going?

    Hi, Is there any knowledge as to which WMT 323s will be left homeless as I believe Northern aren’t taking them all? Thanks

    375/3 Lockdown London

    Hiya Are 375/3s booked purely on the Medway Valley and Sheerness branch during the current timetable? Only it would be nice to catch some in London but I don’t think any have worked there recently. I do keep seeing an empty three car running out of service through Bromley South towards...

    Vandalised 456

    Just going past Wimbledon Depot as I type this and there is an absolutely unrecognisable 456 parked with so much multi-coloured graffiti on one carriage you cannot see any of the livery. It looks absolutely wrecked! Does anyone know which one it is, out of curiosity?

    Solo 319 from Euston

    Hiya Am I right in thinking that currently the only weekday 319 service out of Euston is the 1630 to Northampton at the moment? It’s the only train that comes off of Camden according to RTT. Thanks.

    Chiltern Railways 172/1

    Hello Are any of these running at the moment? I want to travel on 172101 when I go out next week. I'm aware that they haven't been used much over lockdown and I'm also aware of the rumours of a move to WMR... I'm not particularly interested in their future, just whether or not they've been out...
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    Your haulage achievements

    I don't spot myself - it's too easy to simply see a train, but I do record for haulage - I.E. I record the trains I travel on. I know many other forumers bash for haulage, and I'm keen to know your haulage achievements. Since I began recording haulages in October 2017, I have spent a LOT of...
  11. TT-ONR-NRN

    Season tickets with 16-17 Saver

    Hello, If I purchase a Monthly Season Ticket using my 16-17 Saver, is it still valid for the entire month if my 18th birthday falls before the expiry date of the season? I seem to remember there is some leeway for child (15 and under) season tickets as long as the season ends four months after...
  12. TT-ONR-NRN

    155341/155347 working in Leeds

    Are 155341/155347 specially designated units or in some way different to the other Class 155s? I only ask because, while I know the trains are predominantly found on local services out of Hull, the York service in particular, almost every day for the past two weeks I have noticed one of these...
  13. TT-ONR-NRN

    E M R 156s to Northern

    That’s good news, thanks. Will they be based at Newton Heath, does anyone know? I know the 153s were Neville Hill, but there are no 156s there currently so I assumed they’d be adding to the NH fleet. (Made a separate thread because the acquisition by Northern of EMRs 156s isn’t really...
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    I'm confused as to where all the trains fit at night...

    Dear moderators, we don't have a depot subforum so I put it here... please feel free to move if there is a better place Where do trains go at night? It sounds obvious - the depot, but I read that Longsight can take a maximum of fifteen 390s overnight. Now I know that there is a depot in...
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    Celia Drummond announcements 2021

    I was really sad to hear that Celia Drummond-Ford, wedding planner, celebrant - and most notably for us on here, the voice of many of our trains and stations, died in early January suddenly. She wasn’t very old, only fifties or sixties, and I am sorry for her family. What I wondered was whether...
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    Class 332 Audio

    Does anyone know what the audio used behind the announcement on the Heathrow Express 332s was? It sounds like drums and cymbals. Is it a real piece or created solely for Heathrow Express - and is there a link to the sound on its own? Thanks! Also, will the 387s retain these highly detailed videos?
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    Trivia: Nice International underground mainline stations

    While reading the thread in International Transport about the most hated non-UK stations, I noticed that many of them were underground, like Barcelona-Sants and New York Penn, and wondered if it would be the case to most people that all low level platforms are nasty? Or are they just not built...
  18. TT-ONR-NRN

    Class 321 Withdrawal updates

    When are the Class 321s expected to be withdrawn? I know the demonstrator and one other Class 321/4 have both been withdrawn and that one is being converted to Hydrogen use. Personally I would expect the non-PRM and somewhat random fleet of 321/4s to go first. Around half of the 321/3s are...
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    I’ve been trying to find 465914 for months now, and it’s never out. I assumed it was just my very bad luck, until I went past a 465/9 at Wembley when on a LNR service? Is it 914? And if it is, what is it doing there? It’s the only 465, (and for that matter the only operational 4xx) unit I...
  20. TT-ONR-NRN

    Class 390 Door Alarm

    Nerdy question, but do Pendolinos have a different hustle alarm for the final doors closing and locking for departure as opposed to that for the doors closing on a timer? Out of COVID I travelled on Avanti/Virgin approximately two or three times a month and I always think the doors make a harsh...