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    LNER via Cambridge

    Will there be any LNER diversion via Cambridge in the future?
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    Online Cams

    Are there any online LIVE cam feeds for Stations around the UK?
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    CalMac Timetable

    Would anyone know where I could get a copy of the summer timetable 2019 for the following 2 routes, Mallaig to Armadale Uig to Tarbert I just want to use in planning for next year as 2020 timetable is not available until March 2020 I did ask Calmac but they declined.
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    If you book tickets through Trainpal (1st Advance) a seat is assigned to you, you can't specify which seat or choose. Is there a way to change your assigned seat by other means ? Traveling alone would like sgl seat.
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    Oyster Refund

    I've been sent email by TFL that I have a refund. Its says collect from Liverpool St, Would it automatically get collected if I use Kings Cross? Or do I need to travel via Liverpool St?
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    European Day or Short Trips

    Just curious where or even if people go abroad on short day trips or maybe for couple of days riding the rails in other European countries? I've just been to Amsterdam on Eurostar and had a couple of short trips around the Netherlands, Would be nice to hear where other people venture.
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    NS Travel Ticket Advice

    Yesterday I was in the Netherlands and was give this ticket by Stena as part of a Rail/Sail package fare. Can anyone advise what type of ticket it is ? Is it for example a Day Rover type ticket multi use, or a single/return use ticket.
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    Delay Repay Advice Please

    Sunday 1/9/19 My itinerary was as follows, Dep Nottingham 09:54 Arr Birmingham N/S 11:02 Dep Birmingham Moor St 11:55 Arr London Marylebone 13:38 The train from Nottingham was cancelled, Lack of a conductor/guard and ran ecs Not to Bhm We were advised to take next available service at 11:11...
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    Amsterdam Via Hoek of Holland

    Next week I will be making a journey London to Amsterdam via Hoek of Holland Just hoping someone will have info on the best possible way from the Hoek to Amsterdam Can anyone point me to the timetable for the buses. My understanding is I take a bus to Rotterdam Schiedam then train to Amsterdam
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    Braintree & Sudbury Lines

    Need some advice on best way to cover these 2 lines. In September I will be doing a SailRail from Liverpool Street to Harwich then on to Amsterdam and return. On my return journey, Weekday, I would like to see if I can knock the 2 lines off my list of track coverage. I'm thinking of using my...
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    Hook of Holland

    Has the new tram/train started operating from Hook of Holland in Rotterdam yet?
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    GWR Sleeper

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the following?, Sleeper Advance Package Solo Berths and Single Cabin I'm travelling alone sooner not share, Last time I traveled I understood all rooms on GWR were single for person's travelling alone no sharing.
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    New user Megabus

    Never used megabus before looking for info, Friday 29 March Nottingham to London 13:20 Dep Station Street Would anyone point me to the full route timetable, does this service start in Nottingham.? What type of vehicle is used is it similar to National Express?
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    Paddington to Heathrow T4

    I need to travel Thursday 10th May from Paddington Station to Heathrow T4 at around 17:30-18:30 & return the following morning between 07:30-08:30. Because these are "Peak" hours I've ruled out Heathrow express completely on the price, So I'm looking for a cheaper ticket. My question is do I...
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    Any VTEC diversions coming up?

    Just wondering if there are any Diverts on Virgin East Coast between now and end of June, weekend preference. Wanting to make use of the sale fares.
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    Netherlands rail map

    Can anyone help with a link to a rail map for Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Looking to plan couple of routes next year.
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    London Euston to St Albans Abbey followed by St Albans City to London St Pancras

    What is the best fare combination for a round trip. One way single adult. Euston, Watford, St Albands, London Kings Cross it St Pancras Have oyster pay n go if that helps For today or tomorrow
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    Southern Daysave

    Will buy 1 of these tickets next Saturday, Just curious are they still printed on green stock ticket?
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    Southern Daysave

    Can anyone provide a link please? Want to buy a South Daysave off-peak ticket Buy On-line and sent by post Seem to go round and round on southern site
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    Delays in the Slough area (morning of 09/07)

    Just after best solution. Currently sat at Slough, 08:40 to Padding cancelled, 0857 dep currently 29 mins late. My plan was to allow over 1 hour connection to get to Marylebone to catch 10:10 to Birmingham using an Advanced ticket, obviously I will now miss this service. Advise required...