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  1. gimmea50anyday

    LNER staff member Jason Ampleford, Durham

    For railway staff and enthusiasts who knew him I regret to advise that Station staff member Jason Ampleford died last week. He was 51. Jason was a career railwayman who started as a freight guard at Blyth Cambois but has worked as station despatch staff at Durham for a number of years. An avid...
  2. gimmea50anyday

    Station Overbridge, Chester-Le-Street

    The foot overbridge at Chester Le Street was removed last weekend. It was in pretty poor condition underneath to be fair but at this time I am not sure wether it has been removed for repair and repaint or if it is being replaced. There is an alternative route around the station using the road...
  3. gimmea50anyday

    Trespassers Leeds, 30/05/19

    Reports coming in of the job stopped at Leeds. An individual is reported to be chained to the station overbridge above platforms 8 and 9. Station has been evacuated. No movement through Leeds at this time. LNER 1L03 LDS-ABD stuck at Leeds and no KGX departures. No TPE services are currently...
  4. gimmea50anyday

    Sunday 17th March LNER ticket sales unavailable

    Suggestions folks, Tried booking tickets from Edinburgh to Durham on Sunday 17th March. 2x adult2x child family RC. I can get AP tickets with XC on the XX.08 departures no problem. LNER fares however are showing as up to 4x more expensive on raileasy and the hanky (£110 STD, I'm guessing this...
  5. gimmea50anyday

    York IECC closes as control transfers to the adjacent ROC

    Following closure of York IECC during the christmas shutdown Some signallers have been leaving tributes on their panels/workstations.
  6. gimmea50anyday

    Unusual National Express working. Route 380 Sunday 3rd September 2017

    Image courtesy of Lee Calder posted on Buses North East Facebook page Go North East's 'Angel' branded Volvo B5LH / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2, 6066 registered NK62 CBV operating National Express service 380 to Leeds. Very unusually the bus was standing in for the Caetano Leviante usually used...
  7. gimmea50anyday

    Delays at Eaglescliffe 08/08

    Mod Note: Thread split from here. And now we also have the job stopped at Eaglescliffe. Train manager of GC 1E93 has reported falling between the train and the platform possibly broken their ankle!
  8. gimmea50anyday

    Thirsk Rail Crash, 31st July 1967

    This was 50 years ago today when Class 50 prototype DP2 was wrecked south of thirsk following the derailment of a cement train. Incredibly the closed Harrogate-Northallerton line was reopened and used for diversions while this incident was cleared up...
  9. gimmea50anyday

    Pointwork at Farringdon Sub-Surface query.

    With the advent of Thameslink 2000 and the platform extensions at Farringdon blocking access to the Moorgate branch this route was subsequently closed. Obviously no mainline services have served the stations at Barbican and Moorgate since then and although the track remains in situ the OHLE and...
  10. gimmea50anyday

    Price War between York and Newcastle involving VTEC/TPE/XC

    It seems as tho a prkce war has started between the 3 main ECML north operators and is just becoming silly. The trouble is this is not the first time this has happened and led to not only the general public being ripped off, but also led to staff assaults, arrests and public disorder. XC...
  11. gimmea50anyday

    TJ Thompson Scrapyard asset disposal

    Anyone want any flamecuts? Bogie springs or works plates? They are even selling off skips....
  12. gimmea50anyday

    Class 185 refurbishment for TPE.

    Currently 185 109 is stripped of interior and in bits at York Siemens depot while evaluation trials are carried out. Refurbishment work on these units is due to start over the next couple of months (apparently....)
  13. gimmea50anyday

    ECMl disruption-Thirsk 06/12/16

    Minor niggles on thw ECML folowing yesterdays broken rail at Skelton Bridge. This time the A61 road over rail bridge at Thirsk station. NR received an emergency call from NY Police who were chasing a criminal on the A61. In a scene not out of place on Imterceptors or Road Wars the fleeing...
  14. gimmea50anyday

    TPE disruption, Ashton Moss

    Reports of a TPE service has hit something in the Ashton area of Manchester. 1E78 18:12 LIV-NCL 185137 involved. Job stopped so currently no TPE or northern services between Stalybridge and Victoria with services diverting to Piccadilly. Preceding 1E77 diverted to MAN vice MCV due to a broken...
  15. gimmea50anyday

    Felix, Huddersfields station cat features on TV

    Transpennine Express adopted senior pest controller at Huddersfield, Felix the cat, featured on Cbeebies "My pet and me" today. Program will no doubt be repeated on daytime TV tomorrow but can also be found on BBC iPlayer and on catchup apps.
  16. gimmea50anyday

    Potential new use for the 442's? A1 trust announce new mk3 based charter train This could be interesting. No mk3s from Anglia or TPE until 2019 but the coaches are supposedly available now and plans to run a test train in 2017.... Hope they took into account mk3s need an ETH supply which...
  17. gimmea50anyday

    Fatality on Picton Branch.

    GC 1A66 15:18 SUN-KGX hit a person on Long Lane AHBC, betwern Yarm and Northallerton. Confirmed fatality, non-suspicious. GC tickets being accepted on TPE, XC and VTEC servicea Newcastle to London. TPE middlesbrough services diverted from northallerton to eaglescliffe via Darlington...
  18. gimmea50anyday

    CIG 1399 under threat!

    Elsewhere it has been reported that CIG 1399 at Meldon Quarry has met its demise as a result of lack of finances and support. I dont have any further details at this time but this is the loss of a second mk1 base EMU and specifically the second CIG in as many months. hasnt...
  19. gimmea50anyday

    First Transpennine Express Station Signeage eBay auction

    As this is a charity ebay auction selling railway memorabilia Yorkie has confied this is ok to post. I will keep this up to date as new stuff is listed Tim Brawn, keen supporter of the Railway Children and who plays a significant part in organising the annual 3 peaks by rail fundraising charter...
  20. gimmea50anyday

    irresponsible photographer at Newton Le Willows

    Words fail me over the idiotic actions of this individual taking risks beyond comprehension for the "perfect" image, let alone the selfishness of the individual blocking other peoples view. My trains hammer through here at 70mph. I hate to imahing the carnage that would have been caused had...