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    Worst Purchase/ Takeover/ Acquisition

    Pray enlighten us?
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    Cost of running a bus and break-even patronage

    It is absolutely and completely impossible to legally and compliantly run a Mon -Sat 0700-1900 bus for £70k a year. Ownership makes no difference. If you are going to pay at least minimum wage (most areas will have to pay considerably more to attract drivers), legal minimums on holiday pay etc...
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    Bus Éireann and Dublin Bus Discussion

    It’s so nice that state ownership & regulation brings a host of benefits, like integrated ticketing.....
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    Blackpool Transport Discussion

    New buses aren’t accounted for as a revenue item in the year they are purchased. They are capitalised and the cost effectively spread over the anticipated life (typically circa 15 years for a decker). This is called depreciation.
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    Blackpool Transport Discussion

    Probably their £1.5m loss for y/e March 2020 (2021 figures filed but not yet shown) won’t have helped. Though there was an interesting £2m pension scheme ruse with their shareholder to put some cash back in to the company.....!!
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    Cardiff Bus

    Which bit of the accounts are you reading? According to Companies House Cardiff lost £11.4m before tax in the year ending a March 2020. That does in fairness include writing down most of their assets to zero, which seems somewhat overly-pessimistic.....
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    Trivia: Which bus route is the best performing express route in the UK?

    Not necessarily. Every scenario is different but the most profitable routes can well be ones where there is intermediate boarding and alighting, so effectively you can sell the same seat more than once.
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    Hulley's of Baslow

    But even most ‘lucrative ‘ routes won’t allow two operators to make a profit, and that was before Covid. With patronage as it sits now, any route they chose to compete on, even if the existing operator just carried on as they are now, would inevitably drain cash like anything. So the only...
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    First Cymru

    I would suggest in the first instance, if you haven’t done so, it would be worth contacting the company with your concerns. Naturally you will need to provide specific details/times.
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    First Cymru

    The TC has quite wide ranging powers but will not generally be interested in a couple of weeks, especially since the bus industry like many others is being affected by shielding, isolating and now the ‘pingdemic’. With many staff having to isolate at random and without warning, it is very...
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    Buses with the passenger heaters on in hot weather.

    Works with a (classic) Mini ....!!
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    Trivia: Current Outstations which were full depots

    The old depot in Matlock is a tyre and exhaust place now. Do Trent still park there then?
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    Trivia: How far can you go in theory without using an ADL product?

    Except Transpeak uses E200s as well as Scania......
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    Trivia: How far can you go on a bus for under a tenner?

    Ah. A little poetic licence on Arriva’s part then....!
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    Trivia: How far can you go on a bus for under a tenner?

    Do Arriva run to Clacton?
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    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    Why not? If you’re referring to the E400s a company may well choose to put its newer/better vehicles on a competitive route.....
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    Variable-route bus diagrams

    But ‘timecards’ may refer to a driver duty rather than a vehicle duty. Some companies use one, and some the other! Both have advantages and disadvantages. In essence a bus board/bus working (or various other terms!) shows what a particular vehicle does from leaving garage in the morning to...
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    Variable-route bus diagrams

    Yes correct - for whatever reason NX coach workings are ‘diagrams’ - I’d forgotten that - perhaps they nicked the rail terminology!
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    Variable-route bus diagrams

    Don’t think I’ve ever hear Bus workings referred to as ‘diagrams’ in the industry - though it may apply in some cases. Think that’s rail terminology!