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  1. asharpe

    GB News

    Just tuned in to the new GB News on Freeview. The audio and video quality is on par with the shopping channels and almost unintelligible. I had a look to see if I could cast to my TV but it seems not. What does everyone else think of GB News?
  2. asharpe

    Stickers on cans of beer

    I'm now drinking more beer at home rather than at the pub for obvious reasons. But recently more and more canned beer I buy has a plastic sticker on the outside of the can rather than printed onto it. I hate the texture of many of them and even the smooth ones have a seam I don't like. Has...
  3. asharpe

    Delay Repay on multimodal tickets

    Has anybody on here had much luck getting delay repay for a journey on a multimodal ticket? Northern are telling me they don't accept claims on MCards and indeed the Mcard terms and conditions say it's not eligible for Delay Repay. However recent correspondence in parliament casts doubt on this.
  4. asharpe

    Booked train but now replacement bus: are dogs allowed?

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this on the forum. I booked a journey for my sister-in-law to visit with her dog over the bank holiday weekend but had an email from LNER alerting me that some of the trains have been cancelled. Looking into it it seems there are some engineering works and so GA...
  5. asharpe

    Shipley to Manchester Stations via Hebden Bridge

    Is a Shipley to Manchester Stations via Hebden Bridge ticket valid via Leeds. I can think of no reason why it wouldn't be, but I can't get an itinerary online. Thanks.
  6. asharpe

    Trivia: Potentially dangerous trains to catch

    This is inspired by another where many people consider it abhorrent to ever be on a railway track. I can think of a few stations where use of a barrow crossing or similar is typical (although not necessarily the only way to cross the track). Gomshall and Horton immediately spring to mind as I...
  7. asharpe

    Selling Anytime Day Returns for travel on a weekend

    My much younger brother, after asking my advice, bought a Leeds to Nottingham Advance (along with an Advance returning the same day) and also an Apperley Bridge to Leeds Anytime day return for travel on a Saturday in January. He made the mistake of buying an Anytime Day Return ticket to Leeds...
  8. asharpe

    Double deck IC trains in Belgium (or Netherlands)

    On a bit of an interail trip with the wife and we have spotted a few double deck trains. Are there any particular routes they run on? We would quite like to try one out. Our itinerary for the next few days is roughly Bruges to Antwerp then Rotterdam on Friday. Rotterdam to Amsterdam Saturday...
  9. asharpe

    Aireline 60 bus on board announcements (Previously 760)

    I had the displeasure yesterday of riding one of the new 60 buses in West Yorkshire (connecting Keighley to Leeds). Someone has decided it would be a fantastic idea to put in a pre-recorded announcement for every single bus stop. If it was a short tourist route and the announcements brief I...
  10. asharpe

    Unadvertised Local Train - Northern strikes tomorrow

    Just been looking to help out a friend tomorrow and came across this:!train?uid=S44276&date=20170904&back=%23%21board%3fstn%3dSHY%26filt%3dLDS%26show%3ddep%26date%3d20170904 Is this likely to be an actual passenger service? Why is it all listed as "Does not set...
  11. asharpe

    East Coast (125&225) Selective Door Operation

    I regularly catch the East Coast train from Skipton to Kings Cross from Shipley platform 1. It's normally a 225 and everybody gets on via a local door either by the bridge or at the eastern end of the platform. During the Northern strike on Friday I was pleased to find the 0717 service...
  12. asharpe

    Cow Lane Bridge - Reading

    Does anyone know if any progress is being made with widening Cow Lane bridge just west of Reading station? It seems to have been one delay after another.
  13. asharpe

    Planning week in the Benelux

    Planning my next holiday with the Mrs we decided we'd like to spend a week in the Netherlands and Belgium. Rough plan is: a few days in Amsterdam a day in Rotterdam a day in Antwerp a day in Brussels a couple of days in Bruges We would be starting and returning from West Yorkshire...
  14. asharpe

    Leeds - Shipley Season

    I will soon start commuting from Shipley to Leeds and wanted to check on my ticket options. I don't think I need bus travel so was going to get a Shipley to Leeds season. Would this ticket be ok for travel into Bradford also or should I get a season to New Pudsey for the same price which I...
  15. asharpe

    Shipley - Bradford - Leeds - Shipley Peak time with YP Railcard

    As per the title I need to do Shipley - Bradford - Leeds - Shipley. I'll be going to Bradford early morning and then onto Leeds in the afternoon (probably peak time) but when my Young Person Railcard is valid and then back to Shipley during the peak. Currently thinking a Shipley to Bradford...
  16. asharpe

    Dales Rambler

    I've got a bit of holiday coming up and am trying to make some plans but got a bit confused by the Dales Ranger. NRE say there are no times restrictions But BRFares says not valid until after 0930...
  17. asharpe

    Using a phone while driving on a miniature railway

    Sorry if this is the wrong subforum - I don't often post here Recently I was walking my dog (and wife) around a fairly local park with a miniature railway. As we were walking along a path above the railway I noticed that the driver of the train was rather distracted by his mobile phone...
  18. asharpe

    Maintenance of disused tunnels (Thackley)

    I live near Thackley railway tunnels and walk over them almost every day. A couple of weeks ago some maintenance work started on one of the air shafts over the disused bore. It looks like a relatively big and expensive project, they have built a large scaffold and put a temporary surface over...
  19. asharpe

    Sold off-peak ticket on peak time journey

    A few days ago I was sold an off-peak ticket onboard the train for a peak time journey. (The guard was rushing to sell tickets and I asked for a slightly different one to everyone else.) Upon reaching my destination the person manning the barrier had a look at the ticket and asked me if I had...
  20. asharpe

    Railcard discount from TVM before 1000

    Today my wife bought a ticket from a Northern TVM at 0956. She added her railcard but was actually sold a full fare Off-Peak day return. Is this normal for a TVM and is she likely to have any luck in getting a refund? The outward portion of the ticket was retained by a barrier. Thanks